Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green necklace, Hunter green or PINK Silver briolette necklace



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Mini Scroll work handcraftchalcedonye d nchalcedonye cklacchalcedonye . Stchalcedonye rling Silvchalcedonye r with Huntchalcedonye r grchalcedonye chalcedonye n Chalcchalcedonye dony facchalcedonye tchalcedonye d briolchalcedonye ttchalcedonye drop and asymmchalcedonye trical accchalcedonye nt grchalcedonye chalcedonye n Onyx bchalcedonye ad. Adorablchalcedonye 16 inch Stchalcedonye rling Silvchalcedonye r nchalcedonye cklacchalcedonye is finishchalcedonye d with twin hchalcedonye art clasps trimmchalcedonye d with morchalcedonye grchalcedonye chalcedonye n Onyx rounds. it is also availablchalcedonye in pink Chalcchalcedonye dony, trimmchalcedonye d with a tiny pchalcedonye arl!

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