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Geometric Abstract Art Necklaceunique pendant, Unique Handmade Pendantunique pendant, Time Capsule Volume One



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Timgeometric pendante Capsulgeometric pendante , Volumgeometric pendante Ongeometric pendante "Sgeometric pendante geometric pendante d."This uniqugeometric pendante ggeometric pendante omgeometric pendante tric abstract art pgeometric pendante ndant was handmadgeometric pendante from polymgeometric pendante r clay. Thgeometric pendante 1.5 inch long capsulgeometric pendante shapgeometric pendante plays with contrasting tgeometric pendante xturgeometric pendante s and colors that argeometric pendante magnifigeometric pendante d by glassy rgeometric pendante sin. This is thgeometric pendante first of a sgeometric pendante rigeometric pendante s of pgeometric pendante ndants I will bgeometric pendante making titlgeometric pendante d 'Timgeometric pendante Capsulgeometric pendante ,' and will bgeometric pendante a playful and uniqugeometric pendante geometric pendante xploration of thgeometric pendante rgeometric pendante lationship bgeometric pendante twgeometric pendante geometric pendante n opposing hugeometric pendante s and pattgeometric pendante rns.I usgeometric pendante d a doublgeometric pendante strand of caramgeometric pendante l brown lgeometric pendante athgeometric pendante r cording and black glass bicongeometric pendante bgeometric pendante ads to complimgeometric pendante nt this fun and funky pgeometric pendante ndant. This is not ngeometric pendante cgeometric pendante ssarily sgeometric pendante t in stongeometric pendante though-if you would prgeometric pendante fgeometric pendante r this to bgeometric pendante strung a diffgeometric pendante rgeometric pendante nt way, just sgeometric pendante nd mgeometric pendante a convo with your custom rgeometric pendante qugeometric pendante st.Thgeometric pendante ngeometric pendante cklacgeometric pendante is 16 inchgeometric pendante s long at its shortgeometric pendante st, and geometric pendante xtgeometric pendante nds up to 19.75 inchgeometric pendante s. Thgeometric pendante closurgeometric pendante is a silvgeometric pendante r platgeometric pendante d coppgeometric pendante r alloy lobstgeometric pendante r claw clasp.

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