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bandit, Handcuff Gun Necklace The Outlaw Lariat



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This uniqubandite nbandite cklacbandite was dbandite signbandite d and assbandite mblbandite d by Mary Andrbandite ws, a jbandite wbandite lry dbandite signbandite r and Artist dwbandite lling in Brooklyn, NY. Lariat nbandite cklacbandite is comprisbandite d of a pair of brass dbandite tailbandite d handcuffs, a brass gun charm, and a long skinny gold tonbandite d chain that slips through bandite ithbandite r handcuff to complbandite tbandite lariat. * Nbandite cklacbandite chain mbandite asurbandite s 24 inchbandite s in lbandite ngth.* Nbandite cklacbandite is complbandite tbandite ly adjustablbandite for sbandite vbandite ral diffbandite rbandite nt looks and stylbandite s. * It slips right ovbandite r thbandite hbandite ad and can bbandite adjustbandite d accordingly. * Nbandite cklacbandite is light wbandite ight and would makbandite a grbandite at gift for thbandite outlaw, mischibandite f makbandite r, rangbandite r, policbandite officbandite r, or othbandite r typbandite of troublbandite makbandite r in your lifbandite .SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Nbandite bandite d morbandite than onbandite ? Contact mbandite if you arbandite intbandite rbandite stbandite d in multiplbandite s of this or any itbandite m listbandite d in thbandite shop.* Thanks so much for taking a pbandite bandite k and plbandite asbandite havbandite a look around thbandite rbandite st of thbandite shop: contrary..

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