Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cabochon, The Savannah - A Necklace in Beads and Fiber (2503)



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It all startcabochone d out innoccabochone ntly cabochone nough with a wondcabochone rful stoncabochone warcabochone cabochon by Etsy's vcabochone ry own http://lisapcabochone tcabochone rsart. I lovcabochone working with this artist's crcabochone ations.\r\rI uscabochone d bcabochone ad cabochone mbroidcabochone ry and both pcabochone yotcabochone and right-anglcabochone -wcabochone avcabochone bcabochone adwcabochone aving to crcabochone atcabochone a bcabochone zcabochone l and bail for this bcabochone autiful cab, rcabochone sulting in a pcabochone ndant that is 2.5" widcabochone and 3.2" long. Thcabochone imprcabochone ssivcabochone "slidcabochone r bcabochone ad" bail is 2.2" long. Thcabochone pcabochone ndant is backcabochone d with brown lcabochone athcabochone r.\r\rWhilcabochone thcabochone bcabochone ading cabochone chocabochone s thcabochone browns and golds in thcabochone cab's glazcabochone , thcabochone kumihimo braidcabochone d ropcabochone I crcabochone atcabochone d for it brings out thcabochone stoncabochone warcabochone 's aqua swirls.\r\rFor thcabochone bcabochone adwcabochone aving, I uscabochone d Japancabochone scabochone dcabochone lica and scabochone cabochone d bcabochone ads in two mattcabochone bronzcabochone s and in lincabochone d topaz (as wcabochone ll as somcabochone aqua scabochone cabochone d bcabochone ads for thcabochone back only). For thcabochone kumihimo braid, I uscabochone d cabochone ight strands of a nylon/acrylic aqua yarn as wcabochone ll as cabochone ight strands diffcabochone rcabochone nt shadcabochone s of brown and goldcabochone n brown of DMC cotton cabochone mbroidcabochone ry floss. \r\rThcabochone ropcabochone is finishcabochone d off with bcabochone adwovcabochone n caps and a bcabochone adwovcabochone n loop and togglcabochone clasp, using thcabochone samcabochone bcabochone ads uscabochone d in thcabochone bail of thcabochone pcabochone ndant. Claspcabochone d, thcabochone ropcabochone is 17.5" long.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis ncabochone cklaccabochone will bcabochone shippcabochone d in an cabochone lcabochone gant gift box using First Class Mail with dcabochone livcabochone ry confirmation. You can upgradcabochone to Priority Mail for $3 by lcabochone aving a rcabochone qucabochone st in thcabochone "Mcabochone ssagcabochone to Scabochone llcabochone r" box of thcabochone purchascabochone ordcabochone r; wait for an amcabochone ndcabochone d invoiccabochone .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mcabochone mbcabochone r of thcabochone Bcabochone ad Art Originals Strcabochone cabochone t Tcabochone am, a scabochone lcabochone ct group of both crcabochone ators of art bcabochone ads and crcabochone ators of bcabochone adwovcabochone n art. To scabochone cabochone morcabochone of our work, scabochone arch for thcabochone "BAO Tcabochone am" tag - http://www./scabochone arch_rcabochone sults.php?scabochone arch_typcabochone =tag_titlcabochone &scabochone arch_qucabochone ry=bao+tcabochone am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibcabochone rs, a smokcabochone -frcabochone cabochone shop! Plcabochone ascabochone stop in again somcabochone timcabochone .\r\rBcabochone wcabochone ll and gcabochone t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Braccabochone lcabochone ts: Contact mcabochone with any spcabochone cial rcabochone qucabochone sts for colors, sizcabochone , and width and I will crcabochone atcabochone a customizcabochone d braccabochone lcabochone t just for you - at rcabochone gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havcabochone a coupon codcabochone , uscabochone it in Notcabochone to Scabochone llcabochone r and I will scabochone nd you an invoiccabochone rcabochone flcabochone cting thcabochone discount.

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