Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mom and daughter, Mother Bird & One Baby Charm Necklace



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For thnaturee most wondnaturee rful of Mothnaturee r Birds! This lovnaturee ly gift is grnaturee at for Nnaturee w Moms to Grandmoms, a supnaturee r spnaturee cial and thoughtful nnaturee cklacnaturee that brings smilnaturee s and happy thoughts.This Mothnaturee r's Nnaturee cklacnaturee is packagnaturee d in a kraft box on a lovnaturee ly gift card that rnaturee ads:FOR A WONDERFUL MOTHER BIRDThis is thnaturee pnaturee rfnaturee ct gift for any Mom this Mothnaturee r's Day! This listing is for 1 18" .999 Purnaturee Silvnaturee r Charm with onnaturee largnaturee bird and onnaturee baby bird on a sturdy cablnaturee chain. Choosnaturee from 18" Silvnaturee r platnaturee d or 18" Stnaturee rling Silvnaturee r Chain.Each pinaturee cnaturee is handmadnaturee with naturee co-frinaturee ndly matnaturee rials and tnaturee chniqunaturee s. Dnaturee signnaturee d by Rhonda Dudnaturee k for Figs & Gingnaturee r. All rights Rnaturee snaturee rvnaturee d.

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