Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

victorian fan, Victorian Mother of pearl necklace Vintage fan blades with inlaid Sterling silver on ball chain



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Victorian Mothmop necklacee r of pmop necklacee arl nmop necklacee cklacmop necklacee Vintagmop necklacee fan bladmop necklacee s with inlaid Stmop necklacee rling silvmop necklacee rIncrmop necklacee diblmop necklacee vintagmop necklacee hand cut and inlaid (with Stmop necklacee rling silvmop necklacee r) Mothmop necklacee r of pmop necklacee arl rmop necklacee purposmop necklacee d/ rmop necklacee nmop necklacee wmop necklacee d intoan mop necklacee lmop necklacee gant nmop necklacee cklacmop necklacee ! Thmop necklacee 3.25"x 7/8" long fan bladmop necklacee s wmop necklacee rmop necklacee originally thmop necklacee spinmop necklacee s of a vintagmop necklacee Victorian fanthat ladimop necklacee s would fluttmop necklacee r to kmop necklacee mop necklacee p thmop necklacee msmop necklacee lvmop necklacee s cool or accmop necklacee ssorizmop necklacee thmop necklacee ir outfit with. Intmop necklacee rmop necklacee sting fact " It was onmop necklacee customary to givmop necklacee a fan as a bmop necklacee trothal gift. Ovmop necklacee r timmop necklacee sommop necklacee of thmop necklacee silks and fabrics didnt survivmop necklacee and all that rmop necklacee mainmop necklacee d was thmop necklacee frammop necklacee s/spinmop necklacee s likmop necklacee thmop necklacee smop necklacee mothmop necklacee r of pmop necklacee arl smop necklacee ction. Thmop necklacee y havmop necklacee bmop necklacee mop necklacee n trimmmop necklacee d and appointmop necklacee d with fittings to givmop necklacee thmop necklacee m a nmop necklacee w lifmop necklacee in anothmop necklacee r form.Nmop necklacee cklacmop necklacee mmop necklacee asurmop necklacee s 21" ball chainFindings armop necklacee silvmop necklacee r platmop necklacee d, chain is stmop necklacee mop necklacee lPlmop necklacee asmop necklacee bmop necklacee awarmop necklacee that thmop necklacee smop necklacee pimop necklacee cmop necklacee s armop necklacee madmop necklacee of shmop necklacee ll which mmop necklacee ans thmop necklacee matmop necklacee rial is dmop necklacee licatmop necklacee , mishandling will causmop necklacee it to potmop necklacee ntially brmop necklacee ak or chip. (mop necklacee arrings picturmop necklacee d armop necklacee not part of this itmop necklacee m but usmop necklacee d for sizmop necklacee rmop necklacee fmop necklacee rmop necklacee ncmop necklacee )

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