Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed earrings, Vintage SWAROVSKI Gold and Black Enamel Rhinestone Door Knocker Earrings / Swarovski Crystal Earrings / Swarovski Jewelry /Designer Signed



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This is an bridal earringse lbridal earringse gant pair of vintagbridal earringse Swarovski door knockbridal earringse r bridal earringse arrings.Thbridal earringse top, with clip, is donbridal earringse in a gold platbridal earringse d finish and fbridal earringse aturbridal earringse s a band of shimmbridal earringse ring Austrian crystals frambridal earringse d on bridal earringse ach sidbridal earringse by a band of black bridal earringse nambridal earringse l. Bbridal earringse low is a 1" twistbridal earringse d gold platbridal earringse d loop with singlbridal earringse black glass bbridal earringse ad. ~ MEASUREMENT: 1" widbridal earringse x 1" long ~ CONDITION: Excbridal earringse llbridal earringse nt vintagbridal earringse condition ~ SIGNED: Swarovski gold swan logo is on thbridal earringse back of bridal earringse ach bridal earringse arringItbridal earringse m ID:S55T914*** Bbridal earringse surbridal earringse to vibridal earringse w morbridal earringse jbridal earringse wbridal earringse lry itbridal earringse ms at: www./shop/aplacbridal earringse ofdistinction*** Don’t miss my hombridal earringse décor shop at: www./shop/chantbridal earringse clairintbridal earringse riors*** Vibridal earringse w my vintagbridal earringse linbridal earringse n and lacbridal earringse itbridal earringse ms at: www./shop/thbridal earringse lacbridal earringse bridal earringse mporium

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