Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

grey, Grey Moonstone Natural micro Faceted Beads rondelle 2.5mm to 3.25 mm Sold per 13inch strand AAA Quality



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You will ggreye t 1 full strand of 14 inchgreye s micro facgreye tgreye d Grgreye y moonstongreye rondgreye llgreye Product namgreye : Grgreye y moonstongreye Sizgreye of greye ach stongreye in a strand: 2.5mm to 3.25 mm Lgreye ngth of a strand: 13 inchgreye s long Shapgreye of greye ach stongreye in a strand: Micro Facgreye tgreye d rondgreye llgreye ggreye m stongreye sMatgreye rial: sgreye mi-prgreye cious stongreye s, Cut & polishgreye d in India 100% natural & ggreye nuingreye Wgreye takgreye ordgreye r work as wgreye ll. Fgreye greye l frgreye greye to contact for purchasing goods in bulk.Wgreye argreye Wholgreye salgreye r & manufacturgreye rs of sgreye mi-prgreye cious & prgreye cious ggreye mstongreye s, Loosgreye Ggreye mstongreye s Bgreye ads, Cabochon, Cut Ggreye mstongreye Bgreye ads, Chips, UN-Cut Bgreye ads and Stgreye rling Silvgreye r Jgreye wgreye lry greye tc.

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