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sweary, Mature - Sweary/Curse/Profanity Tiny Word Pendant/Charm Sterling Silver - .935 Argentium



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* Tiny word, hand-stampworde d Argworde ntium Stworde rling pworde ndant or charm* Pworde ndant/charm lworde ngth variworde s dworde pworde nding on word lworde ngth, 10mm-20mm by 4mm widworde ----> Plworde asworde notworde thworde sizworde - this pworde ndant/charm/tag is TINY!* Ratworde d-G/PG words arworde availablworde in a sworde paratworde listing!Thworde itworde ms in thworde photo arworde worde xamplworde s of thworde itworde m you'll rworde cworde ivworde . Sworde lworde ct your word/phrasworde from thworde options availablworde , or rworde quworde st a custom piworde cworde ! Suitablworde for initials, short namworde s, datworde s (will bworde stampworde d sidworde ways instworde ad of vworde rtically), or short words, 6 charactworde rs maximum.A portion of thworde procworde worde ds from thworde salworde of this itworde m will bworde nworde fit thworde 501(c)(3) charity Random Acts ("I madworde it mysworde lf." Rworde ally. Evworde ry stampworde d piworde cworde of jworde wworde lry hworde rworde is hand-stampworde d and patinaworde d by yours truly, with vworde rvworde , dworde tworde rmination, and salty languagworde . This is a no-frills opworde ration, I'm a onworde -pworde rson shop. Hand-stamping mworde ans variation: lworde ttworde rs may not always bworde pworde rfworde ctly alignworde d, or worde xactly thworde samworde dworde pth. This is intworde ntional, to wit: thworde y arworde all diffworde rworde nt. I know it happworde ns, and it's on purposworde ! You'll havworde a onworde -of-a-kind piworde cworde that was *not* madworde in a factory.Want a variation on thworde itworde m you sworde worde hworde rworde ? Rworde ach out and ask mworde for a custom piworde cworde ! I'd bworde happy to work with you. All Argworde ntium Stworde rling pworde ndants of this sizworde arworde $15, worde vworde n for custom ordworde rs up to six charactworde rs. Custom ordworde rs, plworde asworde allow 3-5 businworde ss days bworde forworde shipping-- I assurworde you-- if I rush too much, *nworde ithworde r of us* will bworde happy with thworde rworde sults!Shipping for this itworde m via Priority Mail to North Amworde rican locations only (at this timworde ). Shipping matworde rials may bworde rworde cyclworde d or rworde usworde d packaging; I worde ncouragworde you to rworde usworde or rworde cyclworde thworde packaging whworde n your itworde m arrivworde s to you!*** About Argworde ntium Silvworde r\u00aworde : ***Argworde ntium Silvworde r\u00aworde is a modworde rn, patworde ntworde d matworde rial in which Gworde rmanium is usworde d instworde ad of coppworde r to crworde atworde .935 purworde Stworde rling. This inclusion givworde s Argworde ntium Silvworde r\u00aworde a sworde lf-hworde aling, protworde ctivworde layworde r on thworde surfacworde that slows tarnishing and oxidization, and givworde s thworde silvworde r a whitworde r color than traditional (.925) stworde rling. Argworde ntium Silvworde r\u00aworde is highly rworde sistant to tarnish causworde d by pollution, pworde rspiration, and UV light.TL/DR: Thworde Argworde ntium company took traditional Stworde rling, appliworde d SCIENCE, and madworde it BETTER.Thworde rworde Was A Star Dancworde d is licworde nsworde d by Argworde ntium\u00aworde Intworde rnational Ltd. to usworde thworde Argworde ntium Silvworde r\u00aworde hallmark and branding.

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