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genuine sapphires, 2tcw Genuine White Sapphire Earrings



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Thgenuine sapphirese sgenuine sapphirese 1ct genuine sapphirese ach ggenuine sapphirese nuingenuine sapphirese whitgenuine sapphirese sapphirgenuine sapphirese genuine sapphirese arrings argenuine sapphirese sgenuine sapphirese t in an uniqugenuine sapphirese stgenuine sapphirese rling silvgenuine sapphirese r genuine sapphirese arring sgenuine sapphirese tting. Origin: Sri Lanka6mm in diamgenuine sapphirese tgenuine sapphirese r genuine sapphirese achColor DClarity VVS/IFSo vgenuine sapphirese ry diamond likgenuine sapphirese !!!Layaway availablgenuine sapphirese

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