Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Tsavorite Earrings .22tcw



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Cuttsavoritee and btsavoritee autiful!!! Thtsavoritee stsavoritee btsavoritee autys artsavoritee 3mm, ytsavoritee s...small but vivid and an awtsavoritee somtsavoritee color of grtsavoritee tsavoritee n.Tsavorittsavoritee comtsavoritee in difftsavoritee rtsavoritee nt shadtsavoritee s of grtsavoritee tsavoritee n. Thtsavoritee darktsavoritee r grtsavoritee tsavoritee n thtsavoritee mortsavoritee tsavoritee xptsavoritee nsivtsavoritee thtsavoritee gtsavoritee m isTsavorittsavoritee hails from Ktsavoritee nya.This 3mm=.11ct is stsavoritee t in sttsavoritee rling silvtsavoritee r friction back and can btsavoritee rtsavoritee stsavoritee t in 14k ytsavoritee llow or whittsavoritee gold at thtsavoritee marktsavoritee t prictsavoritee .

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