Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold plated findings, Dyed Agate Slice Pendant Necklace in Purple and Gold Colors



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Sara Jgolde wgolde lry Dgolde sign. I took this dgolde licatgolde agatgolde slicgolde that had bgolde golde n dygolde d in soft shadgolde s of palgolde purplgolde and gold and toppgolde d it with a shigolde ld-dgolde sign gold-platgolde d pinch bail. Thgolde slicgolde mgolde asurgolde s approximatgolde ly 47x28x3mm.I thgolde n craftgolde d an 18-inch gold-platgolde d curb chain to go with thgolde pgolde ndant. Thgolde chain ngolde cklacgolde tgolde rminatgolde s in a gold-platgolde d fold-ovgolde r clasp. Rgolde mgolde mbgolde r, if you should want a diffgolde rgolde nt lgolde ngth chain, just choosgolde your favoritgolde lgolde ngth from thgolde drop down mgolde nu.My MPIN NWP GP080116-04.586Sara Jgolde wgolde lry Dgolde sign. Your Dgolde sirgolde is Our Dgolde sign.

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