Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Copper Spiral Triangle Dangle Earringsautumn,Classicautumn, handmadeautumn, wireautumn, casualautumn, everyday wearautumn,metalautumn, lightweightautumn,cute pull through ear



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Swirling, handmadautumne , coppautumne r autumne arrings. Earrings arautumne madautumne from 18-gaugautumne coppautumne r wirautumne (slightly thickautumne r than typical autumne ar wirautumne but fits most autumne ars without difficulty) and arautumne approximatautumne ly 1.5 inchautumne s in lautumne ngth. All piautumne cautumne s arautumne madautumne to ordautumne r so your uniquautumne piautumne cautumne may vary slightly from thautumne picturautumne .Classic, handmadautumne , wirautumne , casual, autumne vautumne ryday wautumne ar,mautumne tal, lightwautumne ight, cutautumne pull through autumne arI also crautumne atautumne custom ordautumne rs so plautumne asautumne contact mautumne if you arautumne intautumne rautumne stautumne d in dautumne signing your own piautumne cautumne .

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