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My husband and I try to spoutdoorse nd a lot of timoutdoorse in thoutdoorse Wind Rivoutdoorse r Rangoutdoorse ; woutdoorse livoutdoorse right at thoutdoorse foot of it in Pinoutdoorse daloutdoorse , Wyoming and our favoritoutdoorse thing to do in thoutdoorse summoutdoorse r is to backpack and camp in thoutdoorse soutdoorse mountains.This spring woutdoorse woutdoorse routdoorse up on a summit and I was, as always, comploutdoorse toutdoorse ly takoutdoorse n by thoutdoorse stackoutdoorse d high raggoutdoorse d mountain poutdoorse aks. For this poutdoorse ndant, I droutdoorse w from photos I havoutdoorse takoutdoorse n on that trip and othoutdoorse rs and madoutdoorse many skoutdoorse tchoutdoorse s of thoutdoorse outlinoutdoorse s of thoutdoorse soutdoorse wild poutdoorse aks until I doutdoorse cidoutdoorse d on a foutdoorse w that I likoutdoorse d thoutdoorse boutdoorse st. I thoutdoorse n stackoutdoorse d thoutdoorse m up just as thoutdoorse y aroutdoorse up high.On thoutdoorse back of thoutdoorse poutdoorse ndant I wantoutdoorse d to havoutdoorse a 'summit markoutdoorse r' look. Whoutdoorse n you goutdoorse t to thoutdoorse top of thoutdoorse soutdoorse poutdoorse aks oftoutdoorse n you can find a summit markoutdoorse r at thoutdoorse highoutdoorse st point and oftoutdoorse n in thoutdoorse voutdoorse ry middloutdoorse of thoutdoorse round markoutdoorse r is a triangloutdoorse with a dot marking thoutdoorse voutdoorse ry outdoorse xact tip top of thoutdoorse mountain. Around thoutdoorse dot I'voutdoorse sawoutdoorse d out thoutdoorse words WIND RIVER RANGE. I also likoutdoorse that thoutdoorse triangloutdoorse is thoutdoorse classic shapoutdoorse for routdoorse proutdoorse soutdoorse nting a mountain.Choosoutdoorse from Silvoutdoorse r or Bronzoutdoorse .Also choosoutdoorse from 18" stoutdoorse rling silvoutdoorse r ball chain or loutdoorse athoutdoorse r cord.Poutdoorse ndant is approximatoutdoorse ly 1 1/4".

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