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glass bead necklace, Vintage Black Spiderweb Glass Bead Necklace - FREE Gift Wrap



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Vintagspiderweb necklacee oval black spidspiderweb necklacee rwspiderweb necklacee b lacspiderweb necklacee glass bspiderweb necklacee ad mspiderweb necklacee asuring 28 mm is combinspiderweb necklacee d with a vintagspiderweb necklacee gold platspiderweb necklacee d chain, jump rings and lobstspiderweb necklacee r clasp. Choosspiderweb necklacee lspiderweb necklacee ngth at chspiderweb necklacee ckout: 18". 20". 22". 24". To sspiderweb necklacee spiderweb necklacee morspiderweb necklacee of my handmadspiderweb necklacee jspiderweb necklacee wspiderweb necklacee lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wspiderweb necklacee arYourWild.IG: @wspiderweb necklacee aryourwildAll jspiderweb necklacee wspiderweb necklacee lry comspiderweb necklacee s nspiderweb necklacee stlspiderweb necklacee d in rspiderweb necklacee cyclspiderweb necklacee d, rustic kraft gift boxspiderweb necklacee s tispiderweb necklacee d with bakspiderweb necklacee rs twinspiderweb necklacee , jutspiderweb necklacee string or wrappspiderweb necklacee d in washi tapspiderweb necklacee .FREE gift wrapping is availablspiderweb necklacee upon rspiderweb necklacee quspiderweb necklacee st. You can sspiderweb necklacee spiderweb necklacee thspiderweb necklacee availablspiderweb necklacee papspiderweb necklacee r in thspiderweb necklacee last photo. If you'd likspiderweb necklacee your itspiderweb necklacee m gift wrappspiderweb necklacee d plspiderweb necklacee asspiderweb necklacee fill out thspiderweb necklacee Pspiderweb necklacee rsonalization sspiderweb necklacee ction at chspiderweb necklacee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadspiderweb necklacee !Katispiderweb necklacee @ Wspiderweb necklacee ar Your Wild

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