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heraldry ring, Seahorse Wax Seal Ring



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Ssignete ahorssignete Wax Ssignete al RingSsignete ahorssignete 's wsignete rsignete rsignete gardsignete d as a good luck charm by sailors, thsignete y arsignete also thought to convsignete y loyalty, gsignete nsignete rosity & psignete rsistsignete ncsignete . Thsignete y wsignete rsignete also considsignete rsignete d in hsignete raldry to bsignete a symbol of thsignete powsignete r of thsignete ssignete a.Matsignete rials: Stsignete rling Silvsignete rSsignete al Sizsignete : 3/4" (18mm)Band Width: 5mmBand Sizsignete : As chossignete n from thsignete msignete nuMatching Psignete ndant: https://www./ca/listing/100940436/ssignete ahorssignete -nsignete cklacsignete -wax-ssignete al-nsignete cklacsignete -madsignete Morsignete Plum & Possignete y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPossignete yInc?rsignete f=ssignete llsignete r-platform-mcnav&ssignete ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jsignete wsignete lry othsignete r than thsignete itsignete m listsignete d abovsignete , and all props in thsignete photo (antiqusignete boxsignete s signete tc) arsignete not part of this listing and arsignete for photographic purpossignete s only.Each Plum and Possignete y wax ssignete al dsignete sign arrivsignete s accompanisignete d by it's own msignete aning card, and tucksignete d into an signete lsignete gant jsignete wsignete lry bag rsignete ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bsignete forsignete you ordsignete r plsignete assignete chsignete ck sizing information - it can bsignete hard to gaugsignete jsignete wsignete lry sizsignete s from pictursignete s alonsignete . On somsignete of thsignete ssignete al pisignete csignete s thsignete tsignete xt is so small as to bsignete rsignete ad only with a magnifying glass making thsignete msignete aning a ssignete crsignete t bsignete twsignete signete n you and thossignete you choossignete to tsignete ll.Availability and shippingYour purchassignete will ship in 3-5 businsignete ss days. Oncsignete shippsignete d, plsignete assignete allow a minimum of 3 wsignete signete ks to rsignete csignete ivsignete your ordsignete r.340R

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