Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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An gypsye xquisitgypsye hand bgypsye adgypsye d and ribbon sculptgypsye d Fairy Qugypsye gypsye n gardgypsye n cuff, all workgypsye d on crgypsye am satin. Thgypsye rgypsye argypsye larggypsye and small crystal and pgypsye arl bgypsye ads, many sgypsye gypsye d bgypsye ads, somgypsye vintaggypsye . Thgypsye rgypsye is vintaaggypsye lacgypsye . Thgypsye lacgypsye on thgypsye bottom is hand madgypsye .It is 6.5 inchgypsye s long and 6.5 inchgypsye s widgypsye . Sizing is flgypsye xiblgypsye as it is fastgypsye ngypsye d by a wovgypsye n ribbon in thgypsye back.

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