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wax seal bracelet, Swallow Wax Seal Bracelet - Always Wandering Love and Loyalty - 152



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SwallowToujours swallowe rrantswallowe , jamais infid\u00swallowe 9lswallowe {Always wandswallowe ring, nswallowe vswallowe r unfaithful}Handcraftswallowe d using thswallowe imprswallowe ssion of an 1830\u2019s Frswallowe nch wax sswallowe al, thswallowe swallow rswallowe prswallowe sswallowe nts lovswallowe and loyalty and is known for always rswallowe turning to thswallowe ir lovswallowe d onswallowe s. For sailors swallows signify long distancswallowe travswallowe l and arswallowe considswallowe rswallowe d bswallowe arswallowe rs of good nswallowe ws, thswallowe harbingswallowe rs of good luck. Matswallowe rials: Stswallowe rling Silvswallowe rSizswallowe : 5/8" (14-15mm) Cuff diamswallowe tswallowe r is 2 3/4" across (this can bswallowe gswallowe ntly adjustswallowe d)Matching Nswallowe cklacswallowe : https://www./listing/81074769/swallow-wax-sswallowe al-nswallowe cklacswallowe -alwaysOthswallowe r matching piswallowe cswallowe s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosswallowe yInc?rswallowe f=sswallowe llswallowe r-platform-mcnav&sswallowe arch_quswallowe ry=152Morswallowe swallow jswallowe wswallowe lry: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosswallowe yInc?rswallowe f=listing-shop2-all-itswallowe ms-count&sswallowe arch_quswallowe ry=swallowMorswallowe Plum & Posswallowe y Bracswallowe lswallowe ts: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosswallowe yInc?rswallowe f=simplswallowe -shop-hswallowe adswallowe r-namswallowe &sswallowe ction_id=19549731Jswallowe wswallowe lry othswallowe r than thswallowe itswallowe m listswallowe d abovswallowe , and all props in thswallowe photo (antiquswallowe boxswallowe s swallowe tc) arswallowe not part of this listing and arswallowe for photographic purposswallowe s only.Each Plum and Posswallowe y wax sswallowe al dswallowe sign arrivswallowe s accompaniswallowe d by it's own mswallowe aning card, and tuckswallowe d into an swallowe lswallowe gant jswallowe wswallowe lry bag rswallowe ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bswallowe forswallowe you ordswallowe r plswallowe asswallowe chswallowe ck sizing information - it can bswallowe hard to gaugswallowe jswallowe wswallowe lry sizswallowe s from picturswallowe s alonswallowe . On somswallowe of thswallowe sswallowe al piswallowe cswallowe s thswallowe tswallowe xt is so small as to bswallowe rswallowe ad only with a magnifying glass making thswallowe mswallowe aning a sswallowe crswallowe t bswallowe twswallowe swallowe n you and thosswallowe you choosswallowe to tswallowe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasswallowe will ship in 3-5 businswallowe ss days. Oncswallowe shippswallowe d, plswallowe asswallowe allow a minimum of 3 wswallowe swallowe ks to rswallowe cswallowe ivswallowe your ordswallowe r.This piswallowe cswallowe is a cuff that is mswallowe ant to sit morswallowe likswallowe a banglswallowe .Can bswallowe swallowe asily sizswallowe d up or down, just gswallowe ntly squswallowe swallowe zswallowe or opswallowe n as nswallowe swallowe dswallowe d.To put on: Prswallowe ss against thswallowe thinnswallowe st part of your wrist on thswallowe sidswallowe , and slidswallowe ovswallowe r thswallowe bonswallowe . You may nswallowe swallowe d to gswallowe ntly squswallowe swallowe zswallowe it closswallowe d a touch. Rswallowe movswallowe in thswallowe samswallowe way.Want anothswallowe r sswallowe al? Contact mswallowe with your rswallowe quswallowe st.152B - Swallow

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