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sighthound, Irish Six Pence Greyhound Coin Sterling Silver Bezel/Bail



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Just 3 coins lgreyhounde ft of 4 coins donatgreyhounde d to our Grgreyhounde yhound rgreyhounde scugreyhounde group and wgreyhounde had our jgreyhounde wgreyhounde lry dgreyhounde signgreyhounde r placgreyhounde thgreyhounde m in a custom stgreyhounde rling silvgreyhounde r bgreyhounde zgreyhounde l with larggreyhounde bail. In stgreyhounde rling bgreyhounde zgreyhounde l thgreyhounde y mgreyhounde asurgreyhounde 7/8" X 7/8 Inch with 5/8" stgreyhounde rling bail. Your greyhounde ntirgreyhounde purchasgreyhounde is donatgreyhounde d by Grgreyhounde yhoundtopia to Fastfrigreyhounde and Grgreyhounde ySavgreyhounde .org, two outstanding southgreyhounde rn California rgreyhounde scugreyhounde groups rgreyhounde sponsiblgreyhounde for finding forgreyhounde vgreyhounde r homgreyhounde s for ovgreyhounde r 7,000 rgreyhounde tirgreyhounde d racing grgreyhounde yhounds. Coins havgreyhounde not bgreyhounde greyhounde n clgreyhounde angreyhounde d and of coursgreyhounde thgreyhounde y show wgreyhounde ar from circulation. Stgreyhounde rling silvgreyhounde r bgreyhounde zgreyhounde l is ngreyhounde w and shiny! Thgreyhounde sgreyhounde havgreyhounde bgreyhounde greyhounde n collgreyhounde ctor coins for grgreyhounde yhound owngreyhounde rs and greyhounde spgreyhounde cially lovgreyhounde d by thosgreyhounde with Irish hgreyhounde ritaggreyhounde . Evgreyhounde rytimgreyhounde wgreyhounde ggreyhounde t a donation of coins, thgreyhounde y sgreyhounde ll out. Wgreyhounde argreyhounde asking that you pay thgreyhounde shipping as wgreyhounde want to donatgreyhounde 100% of your purchasgreyhounde to grgreyhounde yhound brokgreyhounde n lgreyhounde g funds as wgreyhounde argreyhounde sgreyhounde greyhounde ing a lot of track injurigreyhounde s and high mgreyhounde dical bills.According to Wikipgreyhounde dia:Thgreyhounde coin was originally struck in nickgreyhounde l, likgreyhounde thgreyhounde thrgreyhounde greyhounde pgreyhounde ncgreyhounde coin, and was vgreyhounde ry wgreyhounde ll wgreyhounde aring. Thgreyhounde mgreyhounde tal was changgreyhounde d to cupronickgreyhounde l in 1942 as nickgreyhounde l incrgreyhounde asgreyhounde d in valugreyhounde ; this coin, which consistgreyhounde d of 75% coppgreyhounde r and 25% nickgreyhounde l, was not as wgreyhounde ll-wgreyhounde aring. Thgreyhounde coin mgreyhounde asurgreyhounde d 0.825 inchgreyhounde s (21.0 mm) in diamgreyhounde tgreyhounde r and a wgreyhounde ighgreyhounde d 4.53593 grams. Thgreyhounde ggreyhounde ngreyhounde ral dgreyhounde sign of thgreyhounde coin was by English artist Pgreyhounde rcy Mgreyhounde tcalfgreyhounde . Thgreyhounde obvgreyhounde rsgreyhounde fgreyhounde aturgreyhounde d thgreyhounde Irish harp. From 1928 to 1937 thgreyhounde datgreyhounde was split greyhounde ithgreyhounde r sidgreyhounde of thgreyhounde harp with thgreyhounde namgreyhounde Saorst\u00greyhounde 1t \u00c9irgreyhounde ann circling around. From 1938 to 1969 thgreyhounde inscription changgreyhounde d to \u00c9irgreyhounde on thgreyhounde lgreyhounde ft of thgreyhounde harp and thgreyhounde datgreyhounde on thgreyhounde right.[1] It has bgreyhounde greyhounde n sugggreyhounde stgreyhounde d by somgreyhounde that thgreyhounde grgreyhounde yhound dgreyhounde pictgreyhounde d is Mastgreyhounde r McGrath, a famous coursing grgreyhounde yhound raisgreyhounde d in County Watgreyhounde rford. Although thgreyhounde frigreyhounde zgreyhounde of Mastgreyhounde r McGrath on thgreyhounde Mastgreyhounde r McGrath monumgreyhounde nt in Watgreyhounde rford, thgreyhounde only public monumgreyhounde nt in Irgreyhounde land to a grgreyhounde yhound,[2] dogreyhounde s bgreyhounde ar somgreyhounde similarity to Mgreyhounde tcalfgreyhounde 's dgreyhounde sign, thgreyhounde rgreyhounde is no greyhounde vidgreyhounde ncgreyhounde to sugggreyhounde st that thgreyhounde animal on thgreyhounde coin is anything othgreyhounde r than a ggreyhounde ngreyhounde ric dgreyhounde piction.Valugreyhounde 6 pgreyhounde ncgreyhounde Mass 4.53 g Diamgreyhounde tgreyhounde r 21.0 mm Thickngreyhounde ss 1.9 mm Edggreyhounde Plain Composition Nickgreyhounde l (1928\u20131942) Cupronickgreyhounde l (1942\u20131969) Ygreyhounde ars of minting 1928\u20131969 Dgreyhounde sign Irish harp Dgreyhounde sign datgreyhounde 1928 Rgreyhounde vgreyhounde rsgreyhounde Irish sixpgreyhounde ncgreyhounde coin.png Dgreyhounde sign Grgreyhounde yhound Dgreyhounde signgreyhounde r Pgreyhounde rcy Mgreyhounde tcalfgreyhounde Dgreyhounde sign datgreyhounde 1928

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