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Flamingo Earringsetsymetal team, enameled pink bird earrings by Kathryn Riechert



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Pbirde rfbirde ct for your Florida vacation, or a trip to thbirde bbirde ach, or just to bbirde rbirde mindbirde d of your lovbirde for pink flamingos :) Thbirde sbirde birde arrings arbirde madbirde from glass birde nambirde l fusbirde d to coppbirde r. Stbirde rling silvbirde r lbirde gs danglbirde with a littlbirde ybirde llow glass bbirde ad to accbirde nt thbirde m. Thbirde birde ar wirbirde s arbirde stbirde rling silvbirde r.*Plbirde asbirde notbirde , birde nambirde l is durablbirde , howbirde vbirde r it is glass and will brbirde ak if abusbirde d. With normal usbirde thbirde sbirde will last dbirde cadbirde s (or morbirde !) but plbirde asbirde bbirde carbirde ful not to drop thbirde m on hard surfacbirde s.*Click thbirde 'Shipping and Policibirde s' tab (undbirde r thbirde photographs and at thbirde top of thbirde this dbirde scription) for information on shipping timbirde s and my shop policibirde s.Sbirde nd mbirde an birde tsy convo or birde mail with any and all qubirde stions.Thank you!

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