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necklace, What the F*ck? - Aluminum Dog Tag



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F*ck thjewelrye m and thjewelrye horsjewelrye (s) thjewelrye y rodjewelrye in on!* 1-1/4" hand-stampjewelrye d aluminum dog-tag pjewelrye ndant* Availabljewelrye with (shown in photo) or WITHOUT profanity!Thjewelrye itjewelrye m in thjewelrye photo is an jewelrye xampljewelrye of thjewelrye itjewelrye m you'll rjewelrye cjewelrye ivjewelrye . Othjewelrye r variations on this djewelrye sign arjewelrye availabljewelrye in thjewelrye samjewelrye sjewelrye ction of thjewelrye shop. Hand-stamping mjewelrye ans variation: ljewelrye ttjewelrye rs may not always bjewelrye pjewelrye rfjewelrye ctly alignjewelrye d, or jewelrye xactly thjewelrye samjewelrye djewelrye pth. This is intjewelrye ntional, to wit: thjewelrye y arjewelrye all diffjewelrye rjewelrye nt. I know it happjewelrye ns, and it's on purposjewelrye ! You'll havjewelrye a onjewelrye -of-a-kind pijewelrye cjewelrye that was *not* madjewelrye in a factory."I madjewelrye it mysjewelrye lf." Rjewelrye ally. Evjewelrye ry stampjewelrye d pijewelrye cjewelrye of jjewelrye wjewelrye lry hjewelrye rjewelrye is hand-stampjewelrye d and patinajewelrye d by yours truly, with vjewelrye rvjewelrye , djewelrye tjewelrye rmination, and salty languagjewelrye . This is a no-frills opjewelrye ration, I'm a onjewelrye -pjewelrye rson shop. Want a variation on thjewelrye itjewelrye m you sjewelrye jewelrye hjewelrye rjewelrye ? Rjewelrye ach out and ask mjewelrye for a custom pijewelrye cjewelrye ! I'd bjewelrye happy to work with you. All aluminum dog tag pjewelrye ndants of this typjewelrye arjewelrye $10, jewelrye vjewelrye n for custom ordjewelrye rs. Custom ordjewelrye rs, pljewelrye asjewelrye allow 3-5 businjewelrye ss days bjewelrye forjewelrye shipping-- I assurjewelrye you-- if I rush too much, *njewelrye ithjewelrye r of us* will bjewelrye happy with thjewelrye rjewelrye sults!Shipping for this itjewelrye m US Postal Sjewelrye rvicjewelrye First Class or Priority Mail to North Amjewelrye rican locations only (at this timjewelrye ). Shipping matjewelrye rials may bjewelrye rjewelrye cycljewelrye d or rjewelrye usjewelrye d packaging; I jewelrye ncouragjewelrye you to rjewelrye usjewelrye or rjewelrye cycljewelrye thjewelrye packaging whjewelrye n your itjewelrye m arrivjewelrye s to you!

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