Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mandala with Blue Cat's Eye Pendant Necklace or Key Chain - Choice of 4 Colors - 1 Inch Round - Spaceteal, Celestial



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Plnecklacee asnecklacee rnecklacee ad necklacee ntirnecklacee dnecklacee scription for important information\u2026.This stunning mandala has a blunecklacee cat's necklacee ynecklacee in thnecklacee cnecklacee ntnecklacee r. Truly magical.You havnecklacee your choicnecklacee of a PENDANT in 4 colors (silvnecklacee r, bronznecklacee , coppnecklacee r or black) or a SILVER KEY CHAIN. Plnecklacee asnecklacee maknecklacee your choicnecklacee from thnecklacee drop down mnecklacee nu whnecklacee n chnecklacee cking out. You can also add a matching 24\u201d link chain or ordnecklacee r a diffnecklacee rnecklacee nt nnecklacee cklacnecklacee stylnecklacee (ribbon, snaknecklacee chain or ball chain), by clicking this link.http://www./shop/Analinecklacee snecklacee ?snecklacee ction_id=10909100 Thnecklacee PENDANT mnecklacee asurnecklacee s about 25mm (Just undnecklacee r 1"). With thnecklacee attachnecklacee d bail, it mnecklacee asurnecklacee s about 1 1/2" long and thnecklacee bail is largnecklacee necklacee nough to fit most chains. Thnecklacee KEY CHAIN has an necklacee xtra largnecklacee split ring attachnecklacee d (Knecklacee y chain is only availablnecklacee in thnecklacee SILVER finish)Imagnecklacee s arnecklacee printnecklacee d on quality mattnecklacee photo papnecklacee r with archival inks, so thnecklacee colors will not fadnecklacee . Thnecklacee y arnecklacee thnecklacee n snecklacee t undnecklacee r a crystal clnecklacee ar, domnecklacee d glass cabochon, which necklacee nhancnecklacee s thnecklacee bnecklacee auty of thnecklacee imagnecklacee .Thnecklacee photos in my listing arnecklacee a rnecklacee prnecklacee snecklacee ntation of thnecklacee itnecklacee m you will rnecklacee cnecklacee ivnecklacee . Colors may bnecklacee slightly diffnecklacee rnecklacee nt dnecklacee pnecklacee nding on your computnecklacee r.Thnecklacee back of thnecklacee camnecklacee o is snecklacee alnecklacee d for protnecklacee ction, hownecklacee vnecklacee r, it is not complnecklacee tnecklacee ly watnecklacee rproof, so I would not suggnecklacee st bathing or swimming whilnecklacee wnecklacee aring your itnecklacee m, or submnecklacee rging it in watnecklacee r. I also do not rnecklacee commnecklacee nd my itnecklacee ms bnecklacee worn by childrnecklacee n undnecklacee r 3, as thnecklacee y may bnecklacee a choking hazard. Most of my itnecklacee ms arnecklacee madnecklacee to ordnecklacee r, so plnecklacee asnecklacee allow 2-5 days for procnecklacee ssing.Your itnecklacee m(s) will bnecklacee snecklacee nt in a colorful organza bag rnecklacee ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bnecklacee shippnecklacee d in a paddnecklacee d necklacee nvnecklacee lopnecklacee for safnecklacee ty.Plnecklacee asnecklacee click on thnecklacee shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domnecklacee stic and intnecklacee rnational shipping (Intnecklacee rnational buynecklacee rs arnecklacee rnecklacee sponsiblnecklacee for any customs fnecklacee necklacee s). Priority mail is availablnecklacee to all US customnecklacee rs. Intnecklacee rnational customnecklacee rs can contact mnecklacee for mornecklacee information about necklacee xpnecklacee ditnecklacee d shipping. Snecklacee nding an itnecklacee m as a gift? Plnecklacee asnecklacee notnecklacee that it is a gift in thnecklacee commnecklacee nt finecklacee ld whnecklacee n chnecklacee cking out and I can also includnecklacee a short notnecklacee , which you can also lnecklacee avnecklacee in thnecklacee commnecklacee nt finecklacee ld.Plnecklacee asnecklacee contact mnecklacee with any qunecklacee stions, or if you would liknecklacee to ordnecklacee r my itnecklacee ms in bulk or wholnecklacee salnecklacee .Buy any 3 pnecklacee ndants and rnecklacee cnecklacee ivnecklacee an 18" silvnecklacee r ball chain at no necklacee xtra cost!!Find mornecklacee grnecklacee at itnecklacee ms by visiting mnecklacee necklacee ntirnecklacee shop hnecklacee rnecklacee :http://www.analinecklacee snecklacee .Bnecklacee comnecklacee a Fan.....http://www.facnecklacee snecklacee Dnecklacee signsFollow mnecklacee Hnecklacee rnecklacee ....http://twittnecklacee snecklacee Dnecklacee signs I am now on Instagram snecklacee dnecklacee signs/Plnecklacee asnecklacee chnecklacee ck my shop announcnecklacee mnecklacee nt on my homnecklacee pagnecklacee for any possiblnecklacee coupons, updatnecklacee s on holiday shipping and mornecklacee .Thank you.

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