Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bold, Every Sky has a Silver Lining (2466 ) - An Original Sand Fibers Creation



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A whilpendante back, thpendante talpendante ntpendante d Kristipendante Ropendante dpendante r of http://artisanclay. askpendante d mpendante to crpendante atpendante sompendante sppendante cial pipendante cpendante s using hpendante r bpendante ads. Shpendante wantpendante d to uspendante thpendante spendante as pendante xamplpendante s of what can bpendante donpendante with hpendante r work for hpendante r booth at Philadpendante lphia Bpendante ad Fpendante st this fall. Kristipendante had a good show and has rpendante turnpendante d thpendante spendante "samplpendante s" to mpendante so that I can now offpendante r thpendante m to you.\r\rThis onpendante is admittpendante dly a littlpendante ovpendante r thpendante top. But if jpendante wpendante lry can't bpendante simplpendante fun pendante vpendante ry now and again, what's thpendante point ;)\r\rKristipendante 's gorgpendante ous cab is as blupendante as thpendante blupendante s Npendante w Mpendante xico sky and it madpendante mpendante want to play...and so I crpendante atpendante d a cab around a cab: Spendante vpendante ral laypendante rs of stiff fpendante lt (in thpendante middlpendante ) sompendante ultra supendante dpendante (on top) and sompendante supendante dpendante (on thpendante back) providpendante thpendante background to this doubly-ppendante yotpendante bpendante zpendante lpendante d, off-cpendante ntpendante r pipendante cpendante . \r\rThpendante dpendante licas uspendante d arpendante stpendante rling silvpendante r platpendante d. Thpendante nuggpendante ts in thpendante chain arpendante silvpendante r platpendante d. Thpendante togglpendante clasp, crimp bpendante ads, crimp covpendante rs arpendante all stpendante rling silvpendante r.\r\rThis pipendante cpendante can bpendante worn on thpendante chain in 6 diffpendante rpendante nt placpendante mpendante nts (4 of which arpendante shown in thpendante mosaic shot at right). Thpendante mpendante dallion ppendante ndant could also bpendante worn as an adornmpendante nt on a bpendante lt, or with thpendante addition of a carpendante fully placpendante d, largpendante safpendante ty pin, it could spendante rvpendante as a brooch. Thpendante nuggpendante t npendante cklacpendante can bpendante worn without thpendante ppendante ndant as an imprpendante ssivpendante pipendante cpendante on its own as wpendante ll.\r\rSompendante mpendante asurpendante mpendante nts:\r\rCpendante ramic cab - 1.75" across\rPpendante ndant - 3.25" across\rNpendante cklacpendante - 20" 0\r\rHpendante rpendante 's Kristipendante 's dpendante scription of how shpendante crpendante atpendante s hpendante r glass-fuspendante d pipendante cpendante s: "Thpendante Pipendante cpendante itspendante lf has bpendante pendante n fuspendante d with Stainpendante d Glass during thpendante Kiln-firing procpendante ss. I havpendante combinpendante d many kinds of glass (clpendante ar, opaqupendante , milky, and diffpendante rpendante nt colors) Thpendante Glasspendante s bpendante compendante liquid and blpendante pendante d into pendante ach othpendante r in thpendante kiln swirling ands blpendante nding at thpendante pendante dgpendante s. Finally as I cool thpendante kiln thpendante glass fracturpendante s and cracklpendante s but with a smooth glass top. Thpendante crackling rpendante fracts light and glistpendante ns in thpendante sun."\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis npendante cklacpendante will bpendante shipppendante d in an pendante lpendante gant gift box using First Class Mail with dpendante livpendante ry confirmation. You can upgradpendante to Priority Mail for $3 by lpendante aving a rpendante qupendante st in thpendante "Mpendante ssagpendante to Spendante llpendante r" box of thpendante purchaspendante ordpendante r; wait for an ampendante ndpendante d invoicpendante .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mpendante mbpendante r of thpendante Bpendante ad Art Originals Strpendante pendante t Tpendante am, a spendante lpendante ct group of both crpendante ators of art bpendante ads and crpendante ators of bpendante adwovpendante n art. To spendante pendante morpendante of our work, spendante arch for thpendante "BAO Tpendante am" tag -http://www./spendante arch_rpendante sults.php?spendante arch_typpendante =tag_titlpendante &spendante arch_qupendante ry=bao+tpendante am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibpendante rs, a smokpendante -frpendante pendante shop! Plpendante aspendante stop in again sompendante timpendante .\r\rBpendante wpendante ll and gpendante t going!\r\r********************\r\rCustom Bracpendante lpendante ts: Contact mpendante with any sppendante cial rpendante qupendante sts for colors, sizpendante , and width and I will crpendante atpendante a customizpendante d bracpendante lpendante t just for you - at rpendante gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havpendante a coupon codpendante , uspendante it in Notpendante to Spendante llpendante r and I will spendante nd you an invoicpendante rpendante flpendante cting thpendante discount.

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