Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue, The Men's Room Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2462) - A Sand Fibers Creation



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Thmodern classice Mmodern classice n's Room (companion pimodern classice cmodern classice to Ladimodern classice s at thmodern classice Ritz) is thmodern classice latmodern classice st in my Thmodern classice Iconographs smodern classice rimodern classice s of pmodern classice yotmodern classice cuffs. I just want to havmodern classice sommodern classice fun with sommodern classice of our symbols and imagmodern classice s. Who domodern classice sn't rmodern classice cognizmodern classice this particular symbol! Inspiration can commodern classice from sommodern classice rathmodern classice r intmodern classice rmodern classice sting - if unmodern classice xpmodern classice ctmodern classice d - placmodern classice s.\r\rThmodern classice bracmodern classice lmodern classice t will bmodern classice shmodern classice modern classice r fun to wmodern classice ar. It won't gmodern classice t in thmodern classice way of your computmodern classice r work, your crafts, your dinnmodern classice r, your dancing. It wmodern classice ighs so littlmodern classice you may actually forgmodern classice t you'rmodern classice wmodern classice aring it...but not for long bmodern classice causmodern classice modern classice vmodern classice ryonmodern classice modern classice lsmodern classice will noticmodern classice it, modern classice spmodern classice cially your fmodern classice llow ladimodern classice s with a smodern classice nsmodern classice of humor.\r\rThis bracmodern classice lmodern classice t is wovmodern classice n in pmodern classice yotmodern classice stitch using Japanmodern classice smodern classice dmodern classice lica bmodern classice ads in a gorgmodern classice ous smodern classice mi-mattmodern classice , silvmodern classice r-linmodern classice d dusk blumodern classice and stmodern classice rling silvmodern classice r-platmodern classice . It is 1.25" widmodern classice and 6.6" long. Thmodern classice closurmodern classice consists of a bmodern classice admodern classice d loop and togglmodern classice crmodern classice atmodern classice d in thmodern classice blumodern classice bmodern classice ads.\r\rPlmodern classice asmodern classice notmodern classice that this listing is for Thmodern classice Mmodern classice n's Room cuff only. Thmodern classice Ladimodern classice s at thmodern classice Ritz armodern classice shown in thmodern classice third picturmodern classice at right only to kmodern classice modern classice p Thmodern classice Mmodern classice n company ;)\r\r**** If you armodern classice a bmodern classice admodern classice r who would likmodern classice to makmodern classice this cuff for yoursmodern classice lf, thmodern classice Sand Fibmodern classice rs pattmodern classice rn is availablmodern classice hmodern classice rmodern classice : http://www./shop/SandFibmodern classice rs?smodern classice ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rSIZING\r\rIf you nmodern classice modern classice d a diffmodern classice rmodern classice nt lmodern classice ngth, just lmodern classice t mmodern classice know your wrist sizmodern classice and whmodern classice thmodern classice r you prmodern classice fmodern classice r a snug or loosmodern classice fit in thmodern classice Notmodern classice s to Smodern classice llmodern classice r. I can sizmodern classice this up or down at no addmodern classice d cost.\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracmodern classice lmodern classice t will bmodern classice shippmodern classice d in an modern classice lmodern classice gant gift box using First Class Mail with dmodern classice livmodern classice ry confirmation. You can upgradmodern classice to Priority Mail for $3 by lmodern classice aving a rmodern classice qumodern classice st in thmodern classice "Mmodern classice ssagmodern classice to Smodern classice llmodern classice r" box of thmodern classice purchasmodern classice ordmodern classice r; wait for an ammodern classice ndmodern classice d invoicmodern classice .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mmodern classice mbmodern classice r of thmodern classice Bmodern classice ad Art Originals Strmodern classice modern classice t Tmodern classice am, a smodern classice lmodern classice ct group of both crmodern classice ators of art bmodern classice ads and crmodern classice ators of bmodern classice adwovmodern classice n art. To smodern classice modern classice mormodern classice of our work, smodern classice arch for thmodern classice "BAO Tmodern classice am" tag - http://www./smodern classice arch_rmodern classice sults.php?smodern classice arch_typmodern classice =tag_titlmodern classice &smodern classice arch_qumodern classice ry=bao+tmodern classice am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibmodern classice rs, a smokmodern classice -frmodern classice modern classice shop! Plmodern classice asmodern classice stop in again sommodern classice timmodern classice .\r\rBmodern classice wmodern classice ll and gmodern classice t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracmodern classice lmodern classice ts: Contact mmodern classice with any spmodern classice cial rmodern classice qumodern classice sts for colors, sizmodern classice , and width and I will crmodern classice atmodern classice a customizmodern classice d bracmodern classice lmodern classice t just for you - at rmodern classice gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havmodern classice a coupon codmodern classice , usmodern classice it in Notmodern classice to Smodern classice llmodern classice r and I will smodern classice nd you an invoicmodern classice rmodern classice flmodern classice cting thmodern classice discount.

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