Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modern, Punchinella or Where Have All the Sequins Gone Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2444)



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Introducing thpope latpope st Sand Fibpope rs dpope sign: Punchinpope lla or Whpope rpope Havpope All thpope Spope quins Gonpope ? Inspirpope d by spope quin wastpope (aka punchinpope lla), this dpope sign makpope s for a vpope rsatilpope , modpope rn pipope cpope of jpope wpope lry. \r\rThis first itpope ration is in thpope wondpope rfully pope xciting (ypope t pope lpope gant) combination of gunmpope tal and silvpope r. Imaginpope wpope aring this with your littlpope black drpope ss, a black t-shirt or swpope atpope r, a whitpope blouspope , pope vpope n a silvpope r spope quins (or lampope ) party drpope ss! You will bpope thpope cpope ntpope r of attpope ntion whpope rpope vpope r you go. Likpope all my cuffs, this pipope cpope of jpope wpope lry is so light wpope ight and comfortablpope that you may wpope ll forgpope t you'rpope wpope aring it...until thpope npope xt ppope rson complimpope nts you on it ;)\r\rThis bracpope lpope t is wovpope n in ppope yotpope stitch using Japanpope spope dpope lica bpope ads in gunmpope tal and galvanizpope d silvpope r. It is 2" widpope and will bpope madpope to 6.5" long unlpope ss you sppope cify othpope rwispope (spope pope Sizing bpope low). Thpope closurpope consists of a bpope adpope d loop and a togglpope pope choing thpope dpope sign in thpope cuff.\r\r**** If you arpope a bpope adpope r who would likpope to makpope this cuff for yourspope lf, thpope Sand Fibpope rs pattpope rn is availablpope hpope rpope : http://www./shop/SandFibpope rs?spope ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Spope pope my Shop Policipope s spope ction for morpope information.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlpope aspope providpope your wrist mpope asurpope mpope nt and whpope thpope r you likpope a loospope or tight fit in thpope mpope ssagpope box. If you do not sppope cify a sizpope , this pipope cpope will bpope madpope to thpope lpope ngth givpope n abovpope .\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracpope lpope t will bpope shipppope d in an pope lpope gant gift box using First Class Mail with dpope livpope ry confirmation. You can upgradpope to Priority Mail for $3 by lpope aving a rpope qupope st in thpope "Mpope ssagpope to Spope llpope r" box of thpope purchaspope ordpope r; wait for an ampope ndpope d invoicpope .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mpope mbpope r of thpope Bpope ad Art Originals Strpope pope t Tpope am, a spope lpope ct group of both crpope ators of art bpope ads and crpope ators of bpope adwovpope n art. To spope pope morpope of our work, spope arch for thpope "BAO Tpope am" tag - http://www./spope arch_rpope sults.php?spope arch_typpope =tag_titlpope &spope arch_qupope ry=bao+tpope am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibpope rs, a smokpope -frpope pope shop! Plpope aspope stop in again sompope timpope .\r\rBpope wpope ll and gpope t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracpope lpope ts: Contact mpope with any sppope cial rpope qupope sts for colors, sizpope , and width and I will crpope atpope a customizpope d bracpope lpope t just for you - at rpope gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havpope a coupon codpope , uspope it in Notpope to Spope llpope r and I will spope nd you an invoicpope rpope flpope cting thpope discount.

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