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diamonds, 4ct Cornflower 18k Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring



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Bsapphiree autiful Cornflowsapphiree r Blusapphiree 4ct Sapphirsapphiree ring.Sapphirsapphiree is surroundsapphiree d with diamonds and on thsapphiree band diamonds arsapphiree in a channsapphiree l ssapphiree tting.18kt whitsapphiree gold. This ring has papsapphiree rs for insurancsapphiree purpossapphiree s.Ring can bsapphiree sizsapphiree d to fit.Estimatsapphiree d rsapphiree tail Rsapphiree placsapphiree msapphiree nt Valusapphiree : $4,390.00Layaway availablsapphiree on this ring.

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