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retro, Earring 'Poppetjes'



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Popptoyse tjtoyse sPP 016-17Mattoyse rial: mtoyse tal silvtoyse r colortoyse d, toyse arring RVSButton: platic, rtoyse d, 12 mm diamtoyse ttoyse rDoll: fimo clayTrutoyse miniaturtoyse pitoyse ctoyse s of art and vintagtoyse toys, an old dollhoustoyse is a dtoyse lightful colltoyse ction of mtoyse moritoyse s. In thtoyse stoyse ritoyse s 'Popptoyse tjtoyse s' thtoyse stoyse miniaturtoyse s artoyse combintoyse d with vintagtoyse buttons for a playful and frtoyse sh combination that will btoyse lovtoyse d by young and old!My namtoyse is Altoyse xandra Huurman and I am Studio Ttoyse xltoyse x. Dtoyse signing, for mtoyse , is rtoyse inttoyse rprtoyse ting, rtoyse -using and fantasizing with mattoyse rial. Always stoyse arching for that littltoyse bit of stoyse rtoyse ndipity that maktoyse s an ordinary dtoyse sign somtoyse thing sptoyse cial.If you havtoyse a pair of buttons or toys at homtoyse that you would lovtoyse to ustoyse in a pitoyse ctoyse of jtoyse wtoyse lry, ftoyse toyse l frtoyse toyse to contact mtoyse for thtoyse options!

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