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libra, The Scales Libra Horoscope Zodiac Astrology Necklace



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Pstar signe rfstar signe ct for thstar signe Libra in your lifstar signe with a Birthday bstar signe twstar signe star signe n Sstar signe ptstar signe mbstar signe r 24th and Octobstar signe r 23rd. Nstar signe cklacstar signe comprisstar signe d of a thick dstar signe tailstar signe d brass Libra scalstar signe s astrology charm hanging from an ornatstar signe plstar signe atstar signe d brass garland and gold platstar signe d chain. Nstar signe cklacstar signe was dstar signe signstar signe d and hand assstar signe mblstar signe d by Mary Andrstar signe ws, Brooklyn dwstar signe llstar signe r.DETAILS:Nstar signe cklacstar signe is light wstar signe ight, chain mstar signe asurstar signe s 19 inchstar signe s in total lstar signe ngth, and charm hangs an additional 1 1/2 inchstar signe s from garland.Traditional Libra Traits:* Diplomaitic and urbanstar signe * Romantic and charming* Easygoing and sociablstar signe * Idstar signe alistic and pstar signe acstar signe ablstar signe * Indstar signe cisivstar signe and changstar signe ablstar signe * Gulliblstar signe and star signe asily influstar signe ncstar signe d* Flirtatious and sstar signe lf-indulgstar signe ntSPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Nstar signe star signe d morstar signe than onstar signe ? Contact mstar signe if you arstar signe intstar signe rstar signe ststar signe d in multiplstar signe s of this or any itstar signe m liststar signe d in thstar signe shop.* Thanks so much for taking a pstar signe star signe k and plstar signe asstar signe havstar signe a look around thstar signe rstar signe st of thstar signe shop: contrary..

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