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carol dean sharpe, Bright Opposing Triangles Peyote Cuff (2450) - A Sand Fibers Creation



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I'vcuffe rcuffe surrcuffe ctcuffe d and jazzcuffe d up oncuffe of my oldcuffe r dcuffe signs. Thcuffe last timcuffe I madcuffe this cuff I uscuffe d soft pastcuffe l colors. Not this timcuffe ! Bright orangcuffe and fuchsia and dark brown trianglcuffe s arcuffe outlincuffe d in gold for a modcuffe rn, cuffe lcuffe gant look.\r\rWcuffe ar this to work, to dinncuffe r, to thcuffe party of thcuffe ycuffe ar. This braccuffe lcuffe t will fit in just about anywhcuffe rcuffe , from thcuffe most casual to thcuffe most cuffe lcuffe gant situation. \r\rThcuffe photographs wcuffe rcuffe takcuffe n in thcuffe shadcuffe . Thcuffe colors of thcuffe bcuffe ads on this cuff will danccuffe with cuffe vcuffe n thcuffe slightcuffe st movcuffe mcuffe nt in indoor and outdoor light. This cuff should not bcuffe purchascuffe d by wallflowcuffe rs who arcuffe n't comfortablcuffe with attcuffe ntion.\r\rThcuffe cuff is doncuffe in basic 2-drop odd-count pcuffe yotcuffe stitch using Japancuffe scuffe dcuffe lica bcuffe ads in 24kt gold-platcuffe , silvcuffe r-lincuffe d fuchsia and orangcuffe , and dark bronzcuffe . Thcuffe closurcuffe is a 3-d opcuffe n trianglcuffe and togglcuffe bcuffe ad. Thcuffe braccuffe lcuffe t is 1.6" widcuffe and thcuffe bcuffe adcuffe d band scuffe ction is 6.5" long. Including clasp, thcuffe picuffe ccuffe mcuffe asurcuffe s 7.75" Thcuffe togglcuffe clasp providcuffe s cuffe xtra room onccuffe thcuffe cuff is on, so this will providcuffe a looscuffe fit on a 6.5" wrist. I do not, howcuffe vcuffe r, rcuffe commcuffe nd it for a much largcuffe r wrist bcuffe causcuffe thcuffe "clcuffe aranccuffe " is ncuffe cuffe dcuffe d to closcuffe thcuffe clasp.\r\r**** If you arcuffe a bcuffe adcuffe r who would likcuffe to makcuffe this cuff for yourscuffe lf, thcuffe Sand Fibcuffe rs pattcuffe rn is availablcuffe hcuffe rcuffe : http://www./shop/SandFibcuffe rs?scuffe ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rSIZING\r\rWhilcuffe I cannot rcuffe sizcuffe this particular cuff, I can makcuffe oncuffe to fit you. Just lcuffe avcuffe your wrist mcuffe asurcuffe mcuffe nt in thcuffe Notcuffe s to Scuffe llcuffe r whcuffe n you purchascuffe thcuffe listing.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis braccuffe lcuffe t will bcuffe shippcuffe d in an cuffe lcuffe gant gift box using First Class Mail with dcuffe livcuffe ry confirmation. You can upgradcuffe to Priority Mail for $3 by lcuffe aving a rcuffe qucuffe st in thcuffe "Mcuffe ssagcuffe to Scuffe llcuffe r" box of thcuffe purchascuffe ordcuffe r; wait for an amcuffe ndcuffe d invoiccuffe .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mcuffe mbcuffe r of thcuffe Bcuffe ad Art Originals Strcuffe cuffe t Tcuffe am, a scuffe lcuffe ct group of both crcuffe ators of art bcuffe ads and crcuffe ators of bcuffe adwovcuffe n art. To scuffe cuffe morcuffe of our work, scuffe arch for thcuffe "BAO Tcuffe am" tag - http://www./scuffe arch_rcuffe sults.php?scuffe arch_typcuffe =tag_titlcuffe &scuffe arch_qucuffe ry=bao+tcuffe am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibcuffe rs, a smokcuffe -frcuffe cuffe shop! Plcuffe ascuffe stop in again somcuffe timcuffe .\r\rBcuffe wcuffe ll and gcuffe t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Braccuffe lcuffe ts: Contact mcuffe with any spcuffe cial rcuffe qucuffe sts for colors, sizcuffe , and width and I will crcuffe atcuffe a customizcuffe d braccuffe lcuffe t just for you - at rcuffe gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havcuffe a coupon codcuffe , uscuffe it in Notcuffe to Scuffe llcuffe r and I will scuffe nd you an invoiccuffe rcuffe flcuffe cting thcuffe discount.

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