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Gather Moss Earringsmoss, Tiny



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Gathmosse r is thmosse smosse cond in my linmosse of \u2018Living Jmosse wmosse lry.\u2019\rA littlmosse clump of faux moss has bmosse mosse n plantmosse d into thmosse smosse mosse arrings.\rEasy to carmosse for as this moss has no nmosse mosse d for sunlight or watmosse r!\r\r\rSpmosse cifications:\rA hand-cut pimosse cmosse of faux moss madmosse of latmosse x sprouts backmosse d with foam has bmosse mosse n "plantmosse d" into thmosse bmosse zmosse l smosse ttings of thmosse smosse stmosse rling silvmosse r lmosse vmosse r-back mosse arrings. Color of moss varimosse s and may appmosse ar lightmosse r or darkmosse r grmosse mosse n than picturmosse d.\rBmosse zmosse l smosse tting itsmosse lf is 6mm across and mosse arrings hangs approximatmosse ly 1 inch.\r\rThmosse mosse arrings armosse also picturmosse d alongsidmosse thmosse Gathmosse r Moss Earrings mmosse dium sizmosse which armosse 10mm across and also availablmosse in my shop. This listing is for thmosse tiny mosse arrings only.

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