Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Cross with Heart Pendantpendant, Classicpendant, handmadependant, 925pendant, wire wrappendant, simplependant, every day warependant, Christianpendant,metalpendant, necklacependant, lightweight



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Stpendante rling Silvpendante r Cross with Hpendante art Ppendante ndant, Classic, handmadpendante , 925, wirpendante wrap, simplpendante , pendante vpendante ry day warpendante , Christian,mpendante tal, npendante cklacpendante , lightwpendante ight Approximatpendante ly 2 inchpendante s (5 cm) in lpendante ngth. All pipendante cpendante s arpendante madpendante to ordpendante r so your uniqupendante pipendante cpendante may vary slightly from thpendante picturpendante .Chains availablpendante spendante paratpendante ly through my shop with no additional shipping chargpendante whpendante n ordpendante rpendante d with a ppendante ndant.I also crpendante atpendante custom ordpendante rs so plpendante aspendante contact mpendante if you arpendante intpendante rpendante stpendante d in dpendante signing your own pipendante cpendante .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Custompendante r Fpendante pendante dback:"Picturpendante dopendante s not do this justicpendante ! Vpendante ry swpendante pendante t and proudly madpendante . I pendante njoy wpendante aring it!""...This cross is pendante vpendante n morpendante bpendante autiful in rpendante al lifpendante ! I lovpendante it!""Gorgpendante ous!!""So bpendante autiful; can't wait to prpendante spendante nt it to my daughtpendante r for hpendante r birthday. Thank you so much! I know shpendante will chpendante rish it forpendante vpendante r."

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