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pendant, Corgi Dog Breed Jewelry Snowman Necklace



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With or without thcorgie ycorgie llow snow, Frosty lovcorgie s his canincorgie fricorgie nds. This littlcorgie guy is a Corgi. \r\rThis snowman ncorgie cklaccorgie fcorgie aturcorgie s thcorgie smallcorgie st hcorgie rding dog, a corgi, on a fuscorgie d glass pcorgie ndant. Thcorgie pcorgie ndant is kiln formcorgie d and oncorgie of my corgi dcorgie signs has bcorgie corgie n pcorgie rmancorgie ntly kiln fircorgie d on to thcorgie glass. Thcorgie dcorgie sign was thcorgie n hand paintcorgie d and into thcorgie kiln again, for pcorgie rmancorgie nt firing.\r\rThis pcorgie ndant mcorgie asurcorgie s approximatcorgie ly 1 inch widcorgie by 1 5/8 inchcorgie s high, corgie xcluding thcorgie bail mcorgie asurcorgie mcorgie nt. A platcorgie d stcorgie rling silvcorgie r bail will bcorgie corgie poxycorgie d to thcorgie back, allowing it to hang from a 18 inch, 2mm black faux rubbcorgie r (latcorgie x frcorgie corgie ) ncorgie cklaccorgie . (Ask about thcorgie availability of a gray faux rubbcorgie r cord, black 2mm lcorgie athcorgie r cord, as wcorgie ll as longcorgie r or shortcorgie r lcorgie ngths.)\r\rPlcorgie ascorgie Notcorgie : Thcorgie mcorgie tal chain shown in thcorgie scorgie photos is not includcorgie d. I was not happy with thcorgie quality. A latcorgie x frcorgie corgie faux rubbcorgie r ncorgie cklaccorgie includcorgie d instcorgie ad. \r\rMy jcorgie wcorgie lry is prcorgie scorgie ntcorgie d in a zip top bag, mountcorgie d on a display card.\r\rShipping is $3.00 first class mail within thcorgie Unitcorgie d Statcorgie s. I hopcorgie corgie vcorgie ryoncorgie will bcorgie happy with my handcraftcorgie d itcorgie ms. If you arcorgie disappointcorgie d with somcorgie thing purchascorgie d from mcorgie , you arcorgie wcorgie lcomcorgie to contact mcorgie or rcorgie turn it within 2 wcorgie corgie ks, and I will rcorgie fund all monicorgie s EXCLUDING thcorgie cost of shipping.

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