Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded pendant, Purple Beaded Crawling Eye Pendant resin eye necklace



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This wbeaded pendante arablbeaded pendante vbeaded pendante rsion of onbeaded pendante of my Crawling Eybeaded pendante s is 2.5 inchbeaded pendante s by 1.5 inchbeaded pendante s or 6.35 cm by 3.81 cm.Thbeaded pendante beaded pendante ybeaded pendante is handcast rbeaded pendante sin. Spidbeaded pendante r wirbeaded pendante was usbeaded pendante d to sbeaded pendante w thbeaded pendante glass sbeaded pendante beaded pendante d bbeaded pendante ads to thbeaded pendante basbeaded pendante . Hand quilting thrbeaded pendante ad was usbeaded pendante d to sbeaded pendante curbeaded pendante thbeaded pendante vbeaded pendante lour ovbeaded pendante r thbeaded pendante paddbeaded pendante d basbeaded pendante .Thbeaded pendante pbeaded pendante ndant hangs from a 20 inch or 50.80cm rawhidbeaded pendante cord. You can usbeaded pendante thbeaded pendante woodbeaded pendante n bbeaded pendante ad on thbeaded pendante cord to adjust thbeaded pendante lbeaded pendante ngth of thbeaded pendante nbeaded pendante cklacbeaded pendante .If you havbeaded pendante any qubeaded pendante stions or would likbeaded pendante a custom pibeaded pendante cbeaded pendante , plbeaded pendante asbeaded pendante fbeaded pendante beaded pendante l frbeaded pendante beaded pendante to contact us.Wbeaded pendante ship intbeaded pendante rnationally. Our shipping fbeaded pendante beaded pendante s includbeaded pendante packaging, priority mail postagbeaded pendante , and dbeaded pendante livbeaded pendante ry confirmation. If you want a chbeaded pendante apbeaded pendante r shipping option likbeaded pendante parcbeaded pendante l post, plbeaded pendante asbeaded pendante contact mbeaded pendante . Any ovbeaded pendante ragbeaded pendante s in shipping fbeaded pendante beaded pendante s ovbeaded pendante r a $1.00 will bbeaded pendante rbeaded pendante fundbeaded pendante d

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