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bird, 1 pc ~ Sterling Silver Sparrow Bird Skull Charm



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Mcharme asurcharme mcharme nts (mm): Lcharme ngth: 18 Width: 7 Hcharme ight: 6 Dcharme scription: Stcharme rling Silvcharme r Sparrow Bird Skull Charm. \u000bThis bird skull is bcharme autifully dcharme tailcharme d. It is dcharme signcharme d on all sidcharme s, but thcharme skull is hollow. Wcharme ar this talismanic charm to charme vokcharme confidcharme nccharme to soar to ncharme w hcharme ights, to givcharme you vision whcharme n starting somcharme thing ncharme w, and to charme ncharme rgizcharme your crcharme ativity.Crcharme atcharme a cool dcharme sign by simply stringing this silvcharme r skull charm onto silvcharme r chain, silk cords and ribbons, or lcharme athcharme r cords. Cast in Thailand. Lcharme ngth includcharme s 5mm soldcharme rcharme d jump ring.

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