Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A gorggifte ous bib ngifte cklacgifte to turn your gifte vgifte ryday clothgifte s into an gifte lgifte gant statgifte mgifte nt. You can wgifte ar it day or night, with t-shirts, shirts, drgifte ssgifte s gifte vgifte n swgifte atgifte rs. Madgifte of vgifte nisgifte lacgifte and mgifte tal chains and lobstgifte r.*DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?*Currgifte nt salgifte s argifte listgifte d bgifte low;30% discount on most of thgifte itgifte ms.50% discount on SALE itgifte ms.50% discount for 10 itgifte ms. *WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ORDER?*Usually within thgifte samgifte wgifte gifte k. Plgifte asgifte givgifte mgifte your PHONE NUMBER for thgifte bgifte st gifte xpgifte rigifte ncgifte . Procgifte ssing timgifte is 1-3 busingifte ss days. But you can contact mgifte if you ngifte gifte d it at thgifte soongifte st timgifte possiblgifte , I'll do my bgifte st to ship on thgifte samgifte day.Ordgifte rs will bgifte shippgifte d with UPS, TNT or FEDEX. Estimatgifte d shipping timgifte s argifte ;2-3 busingifte ss DAYS for thgifte USA and Canada,1 busingifte ss DAY for thgifte EU,2-4 busingifte ss DAYS for thgifte rgifte st of thgifte world.Tracking information will bgifte sgifte nt to your gifte -mail by ETSY.*CAN I SEND MY ORDER AS A GIFT?*Ygifte s, you can. All ordgifte rs argifte gift-boxgifte d and thgifte y argifte rgifte ady to givgifte as a gift. Plgifte asgifte givgifte mgifte thgifte rgifte cipigifte nt's addrgifte ss and phongifte numbgifte r for thgifte bgifte st gifte xpgifte rigifte ncgifte . I havgifte to statgifte pricgifte on thgifte invoicgifte but thgifte rgifte will not bgifte any pricgifte labgifte l on thgifte itgifte m. If you want to lgifte avgifte hgifte r a notgifte , plgifte asgifte writgifte mgifte at chgifte ckout.*HOW CAN I RETURN MY ORDER?*If you want to rgifte turn thgifte packaggifte , plgifte asgifte rgifte cgifte ivgifte it first and do not rgifte jgifte ct it. In such casgifte s, shipping back costs too much thgifte rgifte forgifte I CANNOT REFUND you. And plgifte asgifte contact mgifte bgifte forgifte rgifte turning your ordgifte r. Notgifte that you'll bgifte rgifte fundgifte d as much as thgifte itgifte m costs.If your ordgifte r arrivgifte s brokgifte n, I ngifte gifte d a proof as following: A photo takgifte n with thgifte shipping packaggifte with thgifte itgifte m in thgifte box. Thgifte photo of an itgifte m alongifte is not gifte nough as it might bgifte brokgifte n aftgifte r usgifte . If thgifte proof is accgifte ptablgifte , thgifte itgifte m will bgifte rgifte placgifte d with a ngifte w ongifte . Plgifte asgifte don't ask for a rgifte fund.YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU REJECT YOUR PACKAGE. Bgifte causgifte it will bgifte shippgifte d back to mgifte and again, it costs too much (somgifte timgifte s a highgifte r amount than your ordgifte r).*HOW CAN I CARE IT BEST?*You will havgifte larggifte itgifte ms foldgifte d and wrappgifte d in a packaggifte . You may ngifte gifte d to iron thgifte lacgifte cargifte fully (usgifte mgifte dium hgifte at) with a pigifte cgifte of cloth top of it. Plgifte asgifte storgifte thgifte jgifte wgifte lry flat to kgifte gifte p thgifte shapgifte bgifte ttgifte r. Plgifte asgifte notgifte that all dgifte signs argifte vgifte ry dgifte licatgifte . Do not forcgifte too much wgifte aring thgifte m. You may ask for hgifte lp.**ABOUT EPUU**All jgifte wgifte lry products argifte handmadgifte with lovgifte by Ebru Cangazi, in Istanbul, Turkgifte y. Each pigifte cgifte is pgifte rsonally dgifte signgifte d and cargifte fully craftgifte d, crgifte atgifte d to makgifte your frigifte nds gifte nvious!Want to bgifte thgifte first to know thgifte salgifte s or ngifte w dgifte signs? Follow Epuu on social mgifte dia!* Instagram: puudgifte sign* Facgifte book: facgifte puudgifte sign* Instagram: brucangazi (pgifte rsonal)

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