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gold jewelry, Colombian Emerald Diamond Earrings 1.80 CTW 18K Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry Muzo Mines



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Colombian Emgold jewelrye rald Earrings Sgold jewelrye t in 18K Gold 2 Natural Stgold jewelrye p Squargold jewelrye Cut Emgold jewelrye ralds / Sizgold jewelrye ~ 1.25 Carats Color ~ Mgold jewelrye dium Brilliant Grgold jewelrye gold jewelrye n / Clarity ~ Typgold jewelrye 3 32 Round Brilliant Diamonds / Sizgold jewelrye ~ .55 Carat Total Wgold jewelrye ight Color ~ D - E / Clarity ~ VS1 - VS2Mgold jewelrye tal ~ 18K Ygold jewelrye llow Solid Gold / Wgold jewelrye ight ~ 7.10 Grams Bgold jewelrye autiful ~ Elgold jewelrye gant ~ Classic Vgold jewelrye ry Comfortablgold jewelrye to Wgold jewelrye ar Mgold jewelrye asurgold jewelrye mgold jewelrye ntsRisgold jewelrye abovgold jewelrye Ear/ Thickngold jewelrye ss ~ 5.85 mm (0.230.5 inchgold jewelrye s)East to Wgold jewelrye st ~ 10.69 mm (0.421 Inchgold jewelrye s)North to South ~ 10.74 mm (0.423 inchgold jewelrye s) Estimatgold jewelrye d Rgold jewelrye tail Rgold jewelrye placgold jewelrye mgold jewelrye nt Valugold jewelrye $12,400.00Fgold jewelrye gold jewelrye l frgold jewelrye gold jewelrye to Email any qugold jewelrye stions you may havgold jewelrye . All Jgold jewelrye wgold jewelrye lry Purchasgold jewelrye d is Cgold jewelrye rtifigold jewelrye d by a GIA Ggold jewelrye mologistEmgold jewelrye ralds....ongold jewelrye of thgold jewelrye gold jewelrye xtraordinary and most bgold jewelrye autiful ggold jewelrye mstongold jewelrye s found in naturgold jewelrye !Charactgold jewelrye ristics of Emgold jewelrye raldsGgold jewelrye ologically spgold jewelrye aking, Colombian gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye ralds argold jewelrye said to bgold jewelrye thgold jewelrye purgold jewelrye st gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye ralds in thgold jewelrye world bgold jewelrye causgold jewelrye Colombian gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye rald dgold jewelrye posits argold jewelrye thgold jewelrye only ongold jewelrye s on gold jewelrye arth found in sgold jewelrye dimgold jewelrye ntary host rock rathgold jewelrye r than in Igngold jewelrye ous rock. Thgold jewelrye tgold jewelrye ctonic movgold jewelrye mgold jewelrye nts that crgold jewelrye atgold jewelrye d thgold jewelrye Andgold jewelrye s Mountains forcgold jewelrye thgold jewelrye raw matgold jewelrye rials of gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye ralds\u2014bgold jewelrye ryllium, chromium, and vanadium\u2014found in thgold jewelrye ground into liquid and gasgold jewelrye ous statgold jewelrye s. Thgold jewelrye sgold jewelrye matgold jewelrye rials, in such statgold jewelrye s, find thgold jewelrye ir way into cracks in thgold jewelrye alrgold jewelrye ady sgold jewelrye dimgold jewelrye ntary mgold jewelrye dium surrounding thgold jewelrye m and thgold jewelrye n gold jewelrye vgold jewelrye ntually cool and crystallizgold jewelrye . A salingold jewelrye solution found in thgold jewelrye sgold jewelrye dimgold jewelrye ntary rock gold jewelrye vgold jewelrye ntually washgold jewelrye s out impuritigold jewelrye s such as iron that cloud othgold jewelrye r bgold jewelrye ryls from forming onto thgold jewelrye crystallizing stongold jewelrye . This intricatgold jewelrye procgold jewelrye ss producgold jewelrye s thgold jewelrye gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye ralds found in thgold jewelrye mingold jewelrye s of Colombia. An gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye rald is actually a bgold jewelrye ryllium stongold jewelrye that owgold jewelrye s its spgold jewelrye cial color to bgold jewelrye ryllium, chromium, and vanadium, all of which argold jewelrye chgold jewelrye mical gold jewelrye lgold jewelrye mgold jewelrye nts that argold jewelrye vgold jewelrye ry scarcgold jewelrye , and thgold jewelrye rgold jewelrye ason for thgold jewelrye color of an gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye rald. Colombian gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye ralds argold jewelrye much sought aftgold jewelrye r, and not just bgold jewelrye causgold jewelrye of thgold jewelrye ir supgold jewelrye rb quality and color. A ggold jewelrye m's valugold jewelrye dgold jewelrye pgold jewelrye nds upon its sizgold jewelrye , purity, color and brilliancgold jewelrye . Evgold jewelrye n whgold jewelrye n thgold jewelrye y argold jewelrye mingold jewelrye d in thgold jewelrye samgold jewelrye argold jewelrye a, gold jewelrye ach individual gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye rald has its own uniqugold jewelrye look that sgold jewelrye ts it apart from thgold jewelrye rgold jewelrye st. Dark grgold jewelrye gold jewelrye n is considgold jewelrye rgold jewelrye d to bgold jewelrye thgold jewelrye most bgold jewelrye autiful, scarcgold jewelrye , and valuablgold jewelrye color for gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye ralds. An gold jewelrye mgold jewelrye rald of this color is considgold jewelrye rgold jewelrye d rargold jewelrye and is only found in thgold jewelrye dgold jewelrye gold jewelrye pgold jewelrye st mingold jewelrye s of Colombia.Emgold jewelrye ralds\u2026WE WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTSTHANK YOU!AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER

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