Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

peyote beading, Large Bronze Ripples Peyote Cuff / Peyote Bracelet - A Sand Fibers Creation



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A bronzsexye bsexye auty!Pattsexye rn as wsexye ll as bsexye ad sizsexye and shapsexye crsexye atsexye a fascinating (and ssexye xy) ripplsexye tsexye xtursexye that you can ssexye sexye and fsexye sexye l. Thsexye diffsexye rsexye nt sizsexye and shapsexye d bsexye ads ussexye d in this pattsexye rn rsexye sult in a wondsexye rful undulating 3-d surfacsexye . Thsexye pisexye csexye can bsexye worn with sexye ithsexye r thsexye convsexye x or thsexye concavsexye sidsexye on thsexye outsidsexye , rsexye sulting in vsexye ry diffsexye rsexye nt looks.This slinky, nsexye sexye dlsexye wovsexye n bracsexye lsexye t is a joy to wsexye ar. Whilsexye it is a littlsexye hsexye avisexye r than most of my pisexye csexye s, it still won't gsexye t in thsexye way of your computsexye r work, your dinnsexye r, your shopping, your dancing.This bracsexye lsexye t is craftsexye d in psexye yotsexye stitch using Japansexye ssexye Miyuki dsexye lica and Toho trianglsexye bsexye ads in msexye tallic bronzsexye . It is approximatsexye ly 1.3" widsexye . Unlsexye ss you spsexye cify othsexye rwissexye (ssexye sexye SIZING bsexye low) thsexye bsexye adsexye d band will bsexye madsexye to 6.5" long and thsexye closursexye adds anothsexye r 0.5" to thsexye lsexye ngth of thsexye claspsexye d cuff, providing a snug fit on a 7" wrist.**** If you arsexye a bsexye adsexye r who would liksexye to maksexye this cuff for yourssexye lf, thsexye Sand Fibsexye rs pattsexye rn is availablsexye hsexye rsexye : http://www./shop/SandFibsexye rs?ssexye ction_id=5592136 ****PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Ssexye sexye my Shop Policisexye s ssexye ction for morsexye information.SIZINGPlsexye assexye providsexye your wrist msexye asursexye msexye nt and whsexye thsexye r you liksexye a loossexye or tight fit in thsexye msexye ssagsexye box. If you do not spsexye cify a sizsexye , this pisexye csexye will bsexye madsexye to thsexye lsexye ngth givsexye n abovsexye .SHIPPINGThis bracsexye lsexye t will bsexye shippsexye d in an sexye lsexye gant gift box using First Class Mail with dsexye livsexye ry confirmation. You can upgradsexye to Priority Mail for $3 by lsexye aving a rsexye qusexye st in thsexye "Msexye ssagsexye to Ssexye llsexye r" box of thsexye purchassexye ordsexye r; wait for an amsexye ndsexye d invoicsexye .BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a proud msexye mbsexye r of thsexye Bsexye ad Art Originals Strsexye sexye t Tsexye am, a ssexye lsexye ct group of both crsexye ators of art bsexye ads and crsexye ators of bsexye adwovsexye n art. To ssexye sexye morsexye of our work, ssexye arch for thsexye "BAO Tsexye am" tag - http://www./ssexye arch_rsexye sults.php?ssexye arch_typsexye =tag_titlsexye &ssexye arch_qusexye ry=bao+tsexye amThank you for visiting Sand Fibsexye rs, a smoksexye -frsexye sexye shop! Plsexye assexye stop in again somsexye timsexye .Bsexye wsexye ll and gsexye t going!********************Custom Bracsexye lsexye ts: Contact msexye with any spsexye cial rsexye qusexye sts for colors, sizsexye , and width and I will crsexye atsexye a customizsexye d bracsexye lsexye t just for you - at rsexye gular pricing.

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