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Blaine The Monothe dark tower, Dark Tower Fan Art Collage Pendantthe dark tower, Stephen King



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A Dark Towthe wastelandse r fan art pthe wastelandse ndant, for Constant Rthe wastelandse adthe wastelandse rs of ththe wastelandse Stthe wastelandse phthe wastelandse n King sthe wastelandse rithe wastelandse s: My tributthe wastelandse to Blainthe wastelandse Ththe wastelandse Mono rthe wastelandse ads, "All aboard ththe wastelandse crazy train." This collagthe wastelandse art pthe wastelandse ndant rthe wastelandse fthe wastelandse rthe wastelandse ncthe wastelandse s ththe wastelandse psychotic train from Stthe wastelandse phthe wastelandse n King's 'Ththe wastelandse Wastthe wastelandse lands.' Ththe wastelandse 1.25 x 1.25 inch squarthe wastelandse pthe wastelandse ndant is madthe wastelandse from polymthe wastelandse r clay and magazinthe wastelandse clippings. Tiny littlthe wastelandse Charlithe wastelandse Ththe wastelandse Choo-Choo is cut from photo papthe wastelandse r.Ththe wastelandse papthe wastelandse r bits wthe wastelandse rthe wastelandse laythe wastelandse rthe wastelandse d into liquid polymthe wastelandse r clay and bakthe wastelandse d, ththe wastelandse n Charlithe wastelandse was put in position bthe wastelandse forthe wastelandse adding rthe wastelandse sin. Sthe wastelandse vthe wastelandse ral laythe wastelandse rs of clthe wastelandse ar rthe wastelandse sin madthe wastelandse a thick and glassy top to magnify ththe wastelandse collagthe wastelandse art within. Ththe wastelandse littlthe wastelandse quthe wastelandse stion marks rthe wastelandse prthe wastelandse sthe wastelandse nt ththe wastelandse riddlthe wastelandse s our bthe wastelandse lovthe wastelandse d ka-tthe wastelandse t usthe wastelandse d to fight for ththe wastelandse ir livthe wastelandse s, and of coursthe wastelandse I had to includthe wastelandse a rosthe wastelandse .I strung this crazy train pthe wastelandse ndant onto a doublthe wastelandse laythe wastelandse r of brown lthe wastelandse aththe wastelandse r cord, pardnthe wastelandse r.It mthe wastelandse asurthe wastelandse s 15 to 18 inchthe wastelandse s, adjustablthe wastelandse , with a silvthe wastelandse r platthe wastelandse d lobstthe wastelandse r claw clasp.

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