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solid opal, Opal - Lightning Ridge Solid Opal 6.8 Ct Black/SemiBlack



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Minlightning ridgee d in Lightning Ridglightning ridgee NSW Australia in 1993 purchaslightning ridgee d on-sitlightning ridgee by a privatlightning ridgee colllightning ridgee ctor and storlightning ridgee d saflightning ridgee ly in a privatlightning ridgee colllightning ridgee ction in thlightning ridgee Unitlightning ridgee d Statlightning ridgee s for ovlightning ridgee r 20 ylightning ridgee ars. Now availabllightning ridgee for sallightning ridgee for thlightning ridgee first timlightning ridgee sinclightning ridgee thlightning ridgee 1990's. Sizlightning ridgee 16mm x 12mm x 3.5mm and 6.8 ct wlightning ridgee ightNatural, untrlightning ridgee atlightning ridgee d, solid opal in stabllightning ridgee lightning ridgee xclightning ridgee lllightning ridgee nt condition.Gorglightning ridgee ous flashing Harllightning ridgee quin pattlightning ridgee rn of grlightning ridgee lightning ridgee ns, blulightning ridgee s, ylightning ridgee llows, oranglightning ridgee s, and rlightning ridgee d.Opal Typlightning ridgee - Lighting Ridglightning ridgee BlackTotal Carat Wlightning ridgee ight (cwt) 6.8 Ovlightning ridgee rall Dimlightning ridgee nsions (mm) - 16mm x 12mm x 3.5mmShaplightning ridgee - OvalTransparlightning ridgee ncy - Opaqulightning ridgee Pattlightning ridgee rn - Harllightning ridgee quinTrlightning ridgee atmlightning ridgee nt Nonlightning ridgee , 100% Natural Earth Minlightning ridgee dOrigin - Lightning Ridglightning ridgee , NSW Australia

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