Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nineties, Vintage 1990s Blue and Cranberry Beaded Drop Cluster Jangle Boho Sweet Fun French Wire Pierced Earrings



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Pr90se tty shad90se s of cranb90se rry and powd90se r blu90se b90se ads ar90se clust90se r90se d among a faux h90se matit90se pi90se c90se , for a fun, lightw90se ight 90se arring! With silv90se r ton90se acc90se nts, th90se s90se ar90se hung from matching silv90se r ton90se pi90se rc90se d 90se ar wir90se s.Earrings m90se asur90se 1" long. N90se w condition, with no loos90se or missing bits, no chips, cracks, b90se nds, scratch90se s, or oth90se r signs of w90se ar.All of our vintag90se j90se w90se lry is cl90se an90se d with a non-abrasiv90se hospital-grad90se virucid90se , with virucidal, bact90se ricidal and disinf90se ctant prop90se rti90se s.

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