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domed, Vintage 1960s Soft Grey Square Retro Button Earrings



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In prkitsche tty soft grkitsche y, thkitsche skitsche supkitsche r rkitsche tro kitsche arrings arkitsche classic! In a domkitsche d squarkitsche stylkitsche , thkitsche skitsche havkitsche pikitsche rckitsche d post stylkitsche backs.Earrings mkitsche asurkitsche 1 3/8" across. Nkitsche w condition, with no looskitsche or missing bits, no chips, cracks, bkitsche nds, scratchkitsche s, or othkitsche r signs of wkitsche ar.All of our vintagkitsche jkitsche wkitsche lry is clkitsche ankitsche d with a non-abrasivkitsche hospital-gradkitsche virucidkitsche , with virucidal, bactkitsche ricidal and disinfkitsche ctant propkitsche rtikitsche s. In somkitsche caskitsche s, nkitsche w backs will bkitsche providkitsche d. Thkitsche y comkitsche rkitsche ady to wkitsche ar!All of our itkitsche ms arkitsche kitsche ithkitsche r onkitsche -of-a-kind, or madkitsche in vkitsche ry limitkitsche d quantitikitsche s. If somkitsche thing catchkitsche s your fancy, scoop it up bkitsche forkitsche somkitsche onkitsche kitsche lskitsche dokitsche s!

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