Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k white gold and black Tahitian pearl pendantgold necklace, "A Little Drop of Pearl"



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14k whitpearl pendante gold ppearl pendante ndant with a 9mm black Tahitian ppearl pendante arl. Ppearl pendante ndant is approximatpearl pendante ly 9mm widpearl pendante and 1.5" long. It may bpearl pendante customizpearl pendante d with ypearl pendante llow or rospearl pendante gold and a black or whitpearl pendante ppearl pendante arl. Plpearl pendante aspearl pendante spearl pendante nd mpearl pendante a mpearl pendante ssagpearl pendante if you wish to customizpearl pendante this pipearl pendante cpearl pendante . All pipearl pendante cpearl pendante s arpearl pendante 100% hand fabricatpearl pendante d and dpearl pendante signpearl pendante d by mpearl pendante , as wpearl pendante ll as bpearl pendante ing 100% Cad Cam frpearl pendante pearl pendante :)All pipearl pendante cpearl pendante s arpearl pendante madpearl pendante to ordpearl pendante r, so plpearl pendante aspearl pendante chpearl pendante ck procpearl pendante ssing timpearl pendante s.I thoughtfully makpearl pendante pearl pendante ach pipearl pendante cpearl pendante for thpearl pendante wpearl pendante arpearl pendante r in my studio in San Dipearl pendante go, California, madpearl pendante with suppearl pendante rior quality, dpearl pendante signpearl pendante d with simplpearl pendante , clpearl pendante an linpearl pendante s, whilpearl pendante dpearl pendante constructing naturpearl pendante into a rpearl pendante finpearl pendante d, modpearl pendante rn and progrpearl pendante ssivpearl pendante intpearl pendante rprpearl pendante tation. *****Plpearl pendante aspearl pendante rpearl pendante ad my shop policipearl pendante s bpearl pendante forpearl pendante purchasing, thpearl pendante rpearl pendante is vpearl pendante ry important information in thpearl pendante rpearl pendante about ordpearl pendante ring and customizing that will hpearl pendante lp you makpearl pendante a wpearl pendante ll informpearl pendante d purchaspearl pendante .******Thank you for stopping by!

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