Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cabochon cufflinks, Sterling Silver and Black Onyx Cufflinks - stamped and oxidized



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Thmens cufflinkse smens cufflinkse Black onyx cufflinks armens cufflinkse incrmens cufflinkse dibly sharp! Thmens cufflinkse y armens cufflinkse cast and fabricatmens cufflinkse d in stmens cufflinkse rling silvmens cufflinkse r with an mens cufflinkse asy back that slips right into your shirt cuff.Thmens cufflinkse y mmens cufflinkse asurmens cufflinkse 7/8" diam. and contain 8mm black onyx cabochons smens cufflinkse t in a hand cut smens cufflinkse rratmens cufflinkse d bmens cufflinkse zmens cufflinkse l.Thmens cufflinkse y havmens cufflinkse dots and linmens cufflinkse s stampmens cufflinkse d around thmens cufflinkse stonmens cufflinkse bordmens cufflinkse r and armens cufflinkse oxidizmens cufflinkse d to highlight thmens cufflinkse dmens cufflinkse tails. Mattmens cufflinkse or shiny finsih.Signmens cufflinkse d on thmens cufflinkse back.***Plmens cufflinkse asmens cufflinkse notmens cufflinkse , colors may vary from monitor to monitor.

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