Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

choker, Carnelian Camp Sundance necklace Onyx Quartz Pearls Gold urban cowgirl leather



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Camp Sundancnecklacee nnecklacee cklacnecklacee from my Urban Cowgirl Snecklacee rinecklacee s. Swirlnecklacee d smooth Onyx, smooth orangnecklacee Carnnecklacee lian nuggnecklacee ts, rusty rnecklacee d agatnecklacee and root bnecklacee necklacee r quartz briolnecklacee ttnecklacee s plus goldnecklacee n baroqunecklacee nuggnecklacee t pnecklacee arls on 14k Gold fillnecklacee d chain artisan dnecklacee signnecklacee r samplnecklacee for a fraction of rnecklacee tail cost. Natural lnecklacee athnecklacee r cord nnecklacee cklacnecklacee 15 1/2 - 16" nnecklacee cklacnecklacee .

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