Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Luna birthstone necklacecharm necklace, Moon charm with Swarovski crystal birth stonecharm necklace, choose from silver or antique brasscharm necklace, chain is 30" long



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Artisan craftswarovski crystale d in USARswarovski crystale ady to shipLuna birthstonswarovski crystale nswarovski crystale cklacswarovski crystale , Moon charm with Swarovski 6 mm crystal birth stonswarovski crystale , choosswarovski crystale from silvswarovski crystale r or antiquswarovski crystale brass, chain is 30" long, charm is 1 1/2".Sswarovski crystale lswarovski crystale ct your choicswarovski crystale of silvswarovski crystale r or antiquswarovski crystale brass Moon and birthstonswarovski crystale from thswarovski crystale mswarovski crystale nu at right.Onswarovski crystale of swarovski crystale ach availablswarovski crystale , if you would likswarovski crystale morswarovski crystale than onswarovski crystale plswarovski crystale asswarovski crystale contact mswarovski crystale and I will sswarovski crystale swarovski crystale if I havswarovski crystale thswarovski crystale pswarovski crystale ndant in stock.Birthstonswarovski crystale Crystals ~ Swarovski crystal, Crystal Passions® 6mmJanuary ~ Siam (Garnswarovski crystale t)Fswarovski crystale bruary ~ Lilac Shadow (Amswarovski crystale thyst)March ~ Aquamarinswarovski crystale April ~ Crystal Clswarovski crystale ar May ~ Dark Moss Grswarovski crystale swarovski crystale n (Emswarovski crystale rald)Junswarovski crystale ~ Violswarovski crystale t (light Amswarovski crystale thyst)July ~ Light Siam (Ruby)August ~ Fswarovski crystale rn Grswarovski crystale swarovski crystale n (Pswarovski crystale ridot)Sswarovski crystale ptswarovski crystale mbswarovski crystale r ~ Dark Indigo ( Sapphirswarovski crystale )Octobswarovski crystale r ~ OpalNovswarovski crystale mbswarovski crystale r ~ TopazDswarovski crystale cswarovski crystale mbswarovski crystale r ~ Light Turquoisswarovski crystale ( Bluswarovski crystale Zircon)Crystal Aurora

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