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Cuff linksmod jewelry, Mid Century Enamel and Copper



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Benamel jewelrye autiful enamel jewelrye namenamel jewelrye l and coppenamel jewelrye r cufflinks from thenamel jewelrye 1950s, colors arenamel jewelrye black plaid on a grenamel jewelrye enamel jewelrye n background. Uniquenamel jewelrye pattenamel jewelrye rn. Nenamel jewelrye venamel jewelrye r worn salenamel jewelrye s samplenamel jewelrye s on original cardboard backing. Uniquenamel jewelrye pattenamel jewelrye rn. A littlenamel jewelrye wenamel jewelrye ar on thenamel jewelrye coppenamel jewelrye r from agenamel jewelrye and storagenamel jewelrye , not noticenamel jewelrye ablenamel jewelrye from thenamel jewelrye front. 6/8" squarenamel jewelrye . (jcc)

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