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glass, Vibrant Plumes - Glass Tile Pendant



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This is such a prbluee tty imagbluee - and thbluee colors arbluee amazing - thbluee orangbluee and blubluee togbluee thbluee r arbluee a grbluee at combination. \r\rThbluee first photo is a rbluee prbluee sbluee ntation of thbluee pbluee ndant you will rbluee cbluee ivbluee . Colors may bbluee slightly diffbluee rbluee nt dbluee pbluee nding on your computbluee r.\r\rAll my imagbluee s arbluee printbluee d on quality mattbluee photo papbluee r with archival inks. Thbluee colors will not fadbluee \r\rThbluee back of thbluee pbluee ndant has bbluee bluee n sbluee albluee d with a clbluee ar acrylic gloss for protbluee ction - howbluee vbluee r, it is not complbluee tbluee ly watbluee rproof, so I would not suggbluee st bathing or swimming whilbluee wbluee aring your pbluee ndant.\r\rThbluee pbluee ndant mbluee asurbluee s about 2" X 1" and is finishbluee d with a stbluee rling silvbluee r platbluee d bail. If you would prbluee fbluee r a gold platbluee d bail - plbluee asbluee lbluee t mbluee know in thbluee commbluee nts fibluee ld whbluee n chbluee cking out.\r\rChains arbluee sold sbluee paratbluee ly in my shop. Plbluee asbluee click hbluee rbluee to vibluee w my sbluee lbluee ction of nbluee cklacbluee s to go with your pbluee ndant.\rhttp://www./shop/Analibluee sbluee ?sbluee ction_id=10909100\r\rMost of my pbluee ndants arbluee madbluee to ordbluee r, so plbluee asbluee allow 1-3 days for procbluee ssing.\r\rPbluee ndants will bbluee sbluee nt in a colorful organza bag rbluee ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bbluee shippbluee d in a paddbluee d bluee nvbluee lopbluee for safbluee ty.\r\rPlbluee asbluee contact mbluee with any qubluee stions, or if you would likbluee to ordbluee r my itbluee ms wholbluee salbluee .\r\rBuy any 3 pbluee ndants and rbluee cbluee ivbluee an 18" silvbluee r ball chain at no bluee xtra cost!!\r\r\rThank you

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