Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

4" long turquoise shell sequin earringshologram earrings, shell shaped sequins dangle from a silver tone chain on French hookshologram earrings, they shimmer as they dance



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Artisan Craftturquoise earringse d in USARturquoise earringse ady to ship4" long turquoisturquoise earringse shturquoise earringse ll sturquoise earringse quin turquoise earringse arrings, shturquoise earringse ll shapturquoise earringse d sturquoise earringse quins danglturquoise earringse from a silvturquoise earringse r tonturquoise earringse chain on Frturquoise earringse nch hooks, thturquoise earringse y shimmturquoise earringse r as thturquoise earringse y dancturquoise earringse Vturquoise earringse ry light wturquoise earringse ight, thturquoise earringse sturquoise earringse turquoise earringse arrings dancturquoise earringse with thturquoise earringse slightturquoise earringse st movturquoise earringse mturquoise earringse nt. Lturquoise earringse ngth includturquoise earringse s thturquoise earringse turquoise earringse ar hook.

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