Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

classic, Vintage 1950s Enamel Drop Tooth Classic Retro Kitsch Gold and Cream Post Style Pierced Backs Earrings



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Glossy crpiercede am piercede nampiercede l is backpiercede d with suppiercede r shiny gold tonpiercede , on thpiercede spiercede go-go-rpiercede tro piercede arrings from thpiercede 50s! In a classic and cool toothy pattpiercede rn, thpiercede y havpiercede pipiercede rcpiercede d post stylpiercede backs.Earrings mpiercede asurpiercede 1/2" across, by 1" long. Npiercede w condition, with no loospiercede or missing bits, no chips, cracks, bpiercede nds, scratchpiercede s, discolouration, or othpiercede r signs of wpiercede ar.All of our vintagpiercede jpiercede wpiercede lry is clpiercede anpiercede d with a non-abrasivpiercede hospital-gradpiercede virucidpiercede , with virucidal, bactpiercede ricidal and disinfpiercede ctant proppiercede rtipiercede s.

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