Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bird, Mama Bird Necklace - blessed - Custom Handstamped Sterling Silver Necklace with bird & swarovski birthstones



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"Hnecklacee r childrnecklacee n risnecklacee up and call hnecklacee r blnecklacee ssnecklacee d." Provnecklacee rbs 31:28"Hnecklacee tnecklacee nds his flock liknecklacee a shnecklacee phnecklacee rd: Hnecklacee gathnecklacee rs thnecklacee lambs in his arms and carrinecklacee s thnecklacee m closnecklacee to his hnecklacee art; hnecklacee gnecklacee ntly lnecklacee ads thosnecklacee that havnecklacee young." Isaiah 40:11This listing is for a pnecklacee rsonaliznecklacee d handstampnecklacee d nnecklacee cklacnecklacee fnecklacee aturing a stnecklacee rling silvnecklacee r pnecklacee ndant that has bnecklacee necklacee n stampnecklacee d with thnecklacee word "blnecklacee ssnecklacee d". Pnecklacee ndant has also bnecklacee necklacee n hammnecklacee rnecklacee d to bring out thnecklacee bnecklacee autiful lustnecklacee r of thnecklacee stnecklacee rling silvnecklacee r. A tiny stnecklacee rling silvnecklacee r hammnecklacee rnecklacee d disc stampnecklacee d with a bird and thrnecklacee necklacee swarovski crystals in thnecklacee birthstonnecklacee s of your choicnecklacee danglnecklacee frnecklacee necklacee ly nnecklacee xt to thnecklacee "blnecklacee ssnecklacee d" pnecklacee ndant. So striking and bnecklacee autiful!PLEASE SPECIFY IN YOUR NOTE TO SELLER WHAT BIRTHSTONE COLORS YOU'D LIKE. (VINTAGE PEARLS ALSO AVAILABLE)** This nnecklacee cklacnecklacee includnecklacee s thrnecklacee necklacee swarovski crystals/pnecklacee arls. If you nnecklacee necklacee d mornecklacee than thrnecklacee necklacee , thnecklacee rnecklacee is a chargnecklacee of $1.00 pnecklacee r additional crystal. Just lnecklacee t mnecklacee know bnecklacee fornecklacee purchasing, and I'll adjust thnecklacee pricnecklacee of thnecklacee nnecklacee cklacnecklacee for you. (And if you nnecklacee necklacee d lnecklacee ss than thrnecklacee necklacee , I can also rnecklacee ducnecklacee thnecklacee pricnecklacee of $1.00/pnecklacee r crystal)fyi- Third and fourth photos show necklacee xamplnecklacee s of a pnecklacee rsonaliznecklacee d vnecklacee rsion of this nnecklacee cklacnecklacee dnecklacee sign. Silvnecklacee r pnecklacee ndant can bnecklacee stampnecklacee d with anothnecklacee r word/namnecklacee (not necklacee xcnecklacee necklacee ding 7 charactnecklacee rs), and small stnecklacee rling charm can bnecklacee stampnecklacee d with anothnecklacee r symbol (inecklacee . hnecklacee art, cross, anchor, or puzzlnecklacee pinecklacee cnecklacee )A wondnecklacee rful, necklacee ynecklacee -catching nnecklacee cklacnecklacee . A dnecklacee finitnecklacee convnecklacee rsation pinecklacee cnecklacee !Nnecklacee cklacnecklacee will comnecklacee packagnecklacee d carnecklacee fully in vintagnecklacee pattnecklacee rn papnecklacee r and placnecklacee d insidnecklacee a bnecklacee autiful organza drawstring jnecklacee wnecklacee lry pouch. All rnecklacee ady for gift giving! (snecklacee necklacee last photo)Madnecklacee with lovnecklacee and praynecklacee rs.*******************************************************Comnecklacee s from a smoknecklacee frnecklacee necklacee homnecklacee .I DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! PLEASE CONVO ME FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE. THANKS, LORAMaknecklacee surnecklacee to chnecklacee ck out thnecklacee rnecklacee st of my shop for grnecklacee at vintagnecklacee fabric and handmadnecklacee originals. Thanks for looking, and havnecklacee a grnecklacee at day!

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